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Most Recent LOGO GALLERY! View Gallery LOGO GALLERY! 120 months ago

Here are the best Break logos we received. There are so many awesome ones, ...

Clairmont McKenna Butt Lick Play Video

Clairmont McKenna Butt Lick 121 months ago

What happened to betting 5 dollars on a Beiroot game? Or loser has to refil...

Dorm Scare U- Iowa Play Video

Dorm Scare U- Iowa 121 months ago

Scaring people at University of Iowa.


NUMA NUMA BAND 120 months ago

Tennessees school marching band playing the Numa Numa song.

Its The Final Countdown Play Video

Its The Final Countdown 118 months ago

We're teaming up with VH1 and Blender Magazine to find the world's most awe...

Survey Says Youre Stupid! Play Video

Survey Says Youre Stupid! 118 months ago

Africa? Europe? I can't decide which country I admire more. Asia's a great ...

SNL Lettuce Spoof Play Video

SNL Lettuce Spoof 118 months ago

These guys do a perfect recreation of the lettuce skit from Saturday Night ...

Break On Dateline NBC Play Video

Break On Dateline NBC 118 months ago

On last night's Dateline NBC Josh Mankiewicz talked about! Here's...

Funny Fake Gun Prank Play Video

Funny Fake Gun Prank 118 months ago

Check out this funny fake gun prank. A kid sits in a car and asks people on...

R Rated 80s Band Play Video

R Rated 80s Band 117 months ago

The costumes are awesome. The lyrics are great. This band is going places. ...

Parking Lot Van Prank Play Video

Parking Lot Van Prank 117 months ago

Parking lot mini-van prank. These guys create a Flinstone's style car that ...

Car Crash Drive By Prank Play Video

Car Crash Drive By Prank 117 months ago

Some pranksters set up speakers on busy streets playing audio of screeching...

Every Guy Needs An Eyefi Play Video

Every Guy Needs An Eyefi 117 months ago

Do you watch a lot of mature content on the net? Then you need an Eyefi! Ca...

Hes Poppin His Head Play Video

Hes Poppin His Head 117 months ago

This video proves that rap music promotes violence. Every year thousands of...

Toilet Airsoft Gun Prank Play Video

Toilet Airsoft Gun Prank 117 months ago

This guy shoots his buddy with an airsoft gun while hes on the toilet. We c...

What Are You Sinking? Play Video

What Are You Sinking? 117 months ago

Great commercial for language tapes. A rookie in the German Coast Guard can...

Teacher Uses The N Word Play Video

Teacher Uses The N Word 117 months ago

Say goodbye to your job. If theres one battle you'll never win its this one...

Evil Dad Scares Kid Play Video

Evil Dad Scares Kid 117 months ago

Most kids are mildly startled by clips like that, this kid freaks the hell ...