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"Dealing With Idiots" Play Video

"Dealing With Idiots" 39 months ago

A father wants to know more about his neighbors and gets more than he barga...

Kung POW! Play Video

Kung POW! 39 months ago

This goofy commercial will make you want to order out Chinese today.

Awesome Impersonations Play Video

Awesome Impersonations 39 months ago

This dude does some perfect Impersonations of Denzel Washington, Morgan Fre...

Heavy Metal Bag Piper Play Video

Heavy Metal Bag Piper 39 months ago

Talk about crossing a couple genres. This actually sounds pretty awesome t...

Mentos and Coke Prank Play Video

Mentos and Coke Prank 39 months ago

We expect to see many videos of people getting drenched in Coke now, please...