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Pop culture defines entire civilizations. The total sum of music, entertainment, theater, fashion, and any other form of media, pop culture defines the people who produce and consume it. Although pop art paintings and pretentious diatribes about the state of literature will not be found here. Instead be prepared for the very newest movie trailers, the most horrific cinema moments, and the funniest and most viral videos and songs. As well as the most innovative and ground breaking video games, magic, and illusions on the planet. This is the pop culture of Break.

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Ive Fallen And I Cant Get Up! Play Video

Ive Fallen And I Cant Get Up! 89 months ago

This guy was sick of his grandma waking him up at the butt crack of dawn wh...

Sweet Reverse Movie Play Video

Sweet Reverse Movie 89 months ago

This guy has made a really cool movie in reverse. I like how he gets his do...

Cooler Scare Prank Play Video

Cooler Scare Prank 89 months ago

This guy hides in a cooler and waits for his brother to come home and scare...

Bug Leaked Scene Play Video

Bug Leaked Scene 89 months ago

Check out this gnarly leaked scene from the new Ashley Judd movie Bug.

Judge Judy Sound Board Prank Play Video

Judge Judy Sound Board Prank 89 months ago

This guy gets a phone call from a debt collector and responds using a Judge...

Bikini Contest Hot Play Video

Bikini Contest Hot 89 months ago

In this bikini contest video, two girls strut their stuff for the title. W...

United: 300 Play Video

United: 300 89 months ago

Submitted by SecretSauce.TV for consideration of the Best Spoof award for t...

Bo Burnham: Cookout Play Video

Bo Burnham: Cookout 89 months ago

Bo Burnham has submitted three hilarious new videos and this one Cookout is...

Screech Almost Gets Beat Up Play Video

Screech Almost Gets Beat Up 89 months ago

Im still not sure what show this is from but the dude on the panel wants to...

Family Feud Morons Play Video

Family Feud Morons 89 months ago

This must have been inbred family week on Family Feud because these have to...

Fire Fighter Gets High Play Video

Fire Fighter Gets High 89 months ago

A fire breaks out in a home that was full of pot. This is a short intervie...

David Hasselhoff Drunk Spoof Play Video

David Hasselhoff Drunk Spoof 89 months ago

A remake of the heartbreaking video shot by his daughter. The dude playing...

Toddler Getting Kicked Remix Play Video

Toddler Getting Kicked Remix 89 months ago

Someone has taking the infamous Breakdancer kicking the toddler footage and...

Bug: Find The Queen Play Video

Bug: Find The Queen 89 months ago

First they send in their drone... then they find their queen

Bug Trailer Play Video

Bug Trailer 89 months ago

A paranoid, unhinged, war veteran who sees insects everywhere holes up with...

News Anchor On-Air Fart Play Video

News Anchor On-Air Fart 89 months ago

Listen as this guys co-anchor rips a loud fart in the middle of his broadca...

Car Music Play Video

Car Music 89 months ago

This guy created this video using just sounds from his car. It reminded me...

Worst Movie Scenes Ever Play Video

Worst Movie Scenes Ever 89 months ago

A compilation of some of the worst movie scenes in cinematic history. I don...

Mr. Bergis Prank Calls Part 1 Play Video

Mr. Bergis Prank Calls Part 1 89 months ago

Ok so apparently these prank calls have been around for a bit but Ive never...

Breakdance Baby Kick Play Video

Breakdance Baby Kick 89 months ago

A breakdancer is in the middle of his routine when out of nowhere a little ...

Switch Play Video

Switch 89 months ago

I thought this was a pretty funny parody on all those friggin telemarketing...