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Pop culture defines entire civilizations. The total sum of music, entertainment, theater, fashion, and any other form of media, pop culture defines the people who produce and consume it. Although pop art paintings and pretentious diatribes about the state of literature will not be found here. Instead be prepared for the very newest movie trailers, the most horrific cinema moments, and the funniest and most viral videos and songs. As well as the most innovative and ground breaking video games, magic, and illusions on the planet. This is the pop culture of Break.

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Scarlet Play Video

Scarlet 78 months ago

Things aren't always what they seem.

Cloverfield Trailer Play Video

Cloverfield Trailer 78 months ago

Cloverfield own it on DVD Tuesday April 22.

  Worst Rap Battle Ever Play Video

Worst Rap Battle Ever Break Classic

A Daily news show at an Atlanta High School holds rap competitions during l...

Wife Pranks Husband At Dinner Play Video

Wife Pranks Husband At Dinner 78 months ago

Gross wife prank video. This chick pulls off a well done prank on her husba...

Game Show Dumb Luck Play Video

Game Show Dumb Luck 78 months ago

These are a few older game show clips where the contestants had no clue as ...

Kid Pranks Mother Play Video

Kid Pranks Mother 78 months ago

This kid pranks his Mom and tells her he got a girl pregnant. Got to love ...

Blow Dryer Filled with Powder Play Video

Blow Dryer Filled with Powder 78 months ago

Our April prank video bonus sent these guys into an all out prank war. In t...

Water Balloon Prank Play Video

Water Balloon Prank 78 months ago

I'm not impressed that much with a simple water balloon prank. What impres...

Tazer Rigged to Chair Play Video

Tazer Rigged to Chair 78 months ago

This guy rigs a tazer to his roommate's chair in order to get back at him f...

Millionaire Tazed by Cops Play Video

Millionaire Tazed by Cops 78 months ago

Some millionaire developer in Boca Raton is pulled over in his Bentley and ...

Santa Cruz Dancing Girl Play Video

Santa Cruz Dancing Girl 78 months ago

Some girl at UC Santa Cruz goes out to the quad in her bathing suit and has...

Awareness Test Part II Play Video

Awareness Test Part II 78 months ago

Well, now I am 0 for 2 on these friggin awareness tests. This time I was e...

Tug Boat Tips Over Play Video

Tug Boat Tips Over 78 months ago

Tug boat is towing a much larger ship sideways which turns out to be a not ...

The Magic Stick Prank Play Video

The Magic Stick Prank 78 months ago

These guys pull off a classic dorm prank talking students into holding a bo...

Guitar Hero Nutshot Play Video

Guitar Hero Nutshot 78 months ago

April prank wars continue with our second recipient of the $200 prank video...

Airhorn Prank Causes Wipeout Play Video

Airhorn Prank Causes Wipeout 78 months ago

This dude blows off an airhorn just as his buddy is trying to jump over a c...

Forgetting Sarah Marshall Play Video

Forgetting Sarah Marshall 78 months ago

Devastated Peter takes a Hawaii vacation in order to deal with recent break...