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"Kill Him" - The Supercut Play Video

"Kill Him" - The Supercut 43 months ago

Okay just to clarify? here! You want me to kill him or let him go?

Hot Girl CPR Prank Play Video

Hot Girl CPR Prank 43 months ago

Who wouldn't want to volunteer to help a couple Baywatch lifeguards?

Heisenberg Hates Hemorrhoids Play Video

Heisenberg Hates Hemorrhoids 43 months ago

Breaking Bad’s Brian Cranston wasn’t always a big star: here he is in a 198...

Worst 3D Trailer In History Play Video

Worst 3D Trailer In History 43 months ago

After 10 years in the making this is what happens when you blow most of you...

VH1 Reality Show Bus Crash Play Video

VH1 Reality Show Bus Crash 43 months ago

Clean-up crews are hard at work after a VH1 bus carrying reality show conte...

Name That Wax Sculpture View Gallery

Name That Wax Sculpture 43 months ago

We sent an editor to a wax museum this weekend to figure out who these peop...

Acapella Cover Of Clarity Play Video

Acapella Cover Of Clarity 43 months ago

Mike Topkins is back with another cover using nothing but his mouth for all...


IMMORTAL 43 months ago


The Scare Cam Supercut Play Video

The Scare Cam Supercut 43 months ago

Two minutes of people getting the crap scared out of them.

Broken iMac Prank Play Video

Broken iMac Prank 43 months ago

Sam is back for another round of dropping brand new iMacs on the ground, do...