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spazz Play Video

spazz 91 months ago

my friend spazzing after hitting his head

show time Play Video

show time 91 months ago

putting on a show then killing a chevy half ton..

Slut car racing View Image

Slut car racing 91 months ago

came across this funny little banner at a 4th of july event

Rollover Safety Training Play Video

Rollover Safety Training 91 months ago

This is a brief training video in case of a rollover. Please watch for you...

How to scam mcdonalds Play Video

How to scam mcdonalds 91 months ago

why pay for mcdonalds when you can scam for it! heres a video of my buddy r...

Mountain Jumper Play Video

Mountain Jumper 91 months ago

This is my buddy Mike, while we were up 12,000 feet in the Rockies at Rocky...

Rude Awakening Play Video

Rude Awakening 91 months ago

We wanted to wake up our passed out roommate, and that door was paper-thin....

Dominos and Pool? Play Video

Dominos and Pool? 91 months ago

You know this had to take 10 to 15 minutes to set up.

americas best asses View Image

americas best asses 91 months ago

this is a eyeglasses store in kansas city that had a few of thier lights no...

Tilted Car 1 View Image

Tilted Car 1 91 months ago

On A bridge in Winnipeg, Manitoba during rush hour.

Tilted Car 2 View Image

Tilted Car 2 91 months ago

On a bridge in Winnpieg, Manitoba during rush hour. September 2006.

Redneckrish View Image

Redneckrish 91 months ago

Apparently redneck is an actual dialect of the english language

Break Fans View Image

Break Fans 91 months ago

They come from all wlaks of life

SlapWars Play Video

SlapWars 91 months ago

Two drunk kids having a Slapwar at a party...pretty funny especially when t...

Way too funny View Image

Way too funny 91 months ago

Really good joke and i peed myself

High School Graduation Play Video

High School Graduation 91 months ago

I hated high school. At my graduation, I flipped on stage and then ripped m...

Closed Door, New Couch Play Video

Closed Door, New Couch 91 months ago

WE decided to move the couch and unfortunalty for our friend, he found out ...

scared kid Play Video

scared kid 91 months ago

a rude awaking for my friends brother

Tony Jaa Play Video

Tony Jaa 91 months ago

This guy is crazy...does the most insane moves ive ever seen...this is just...

another maze scare Play Video

another maze scare 91 months ago

this is a maze scare video me and my roommates put together. It's short but...

Two Beasts Play Video

Two Beasts 91 months ago

Two bloats eat a quintuple burger



Bill still wants it! And Ralph seems to be enjoying it. Hey at least the Bi...

Rainbow Ranch View Image

Rainbow Ranch 91 months ago

Not gay just happy. Or a little bit of both.