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The Lincoln Lawyer Play Video

The Lincoln Lawyer 69 months ago

Watch The Lincoln Lawyer trailer. A lawyer conducts business from the back ...

Fast Five Play Video

Fast Five 69 months ago

Watch the Fast Five trailer! Dominic and his crew find themselves on the wr...

The Adjustment Bureau Play Video

The Adjustment Bureau 69 months ago

Watch The Adjustment Bureau trailer. The affair between a politician and a ...

The Oreo Cookie Challenge Play Video

The Oreo Cookie Challenge 69 months ago

We attempted this challenge a few minutes ago and it's a lot harder than it...

Volkswagon "The Force" Ad Play Video

Volkswagon "The Force" Ad 69 months ago

This is the ad that began making the rounds before the Super Bowl. This kid...

Doritos "The Best Part" Ad Play Video

Doritos "The Best Part" Ad 69 months ago

We all know that the cheese fingers are the best part of eating Doritos.

Brisk's Eminem Super Bowl Ad Play Video

Brisk's Eminem Super Bowl Ad 69 months ago

Eminem gets the Claymation treatment in this ad for Lipton's Brisk Ice Tea.

Audi "Release The Hounds" Ad Play Video

Audi "Release The Hounds" Ad 69 months ago

A couple rich old fogies attempt to break out of their gold-plated prison a...

Ceremony Play Video

Ceremony 69 months ago

Watch the Ceremony trailer! A young guy crashes the wedding of the thirty-s...

Fence Jump Fail Play Video

Fence Jump Fail 69 months ago

It's not really so much the jump was a fail but it's that insane laugh from...

Screaming Prank Play Video

Screaming Prank 69 months ago

Best way to clear a headache is have your friends scream in your face

"Sweet Dog" Reporter Fail Play Video

"Sweet Dog" Reporter Fail 69 months ago

The reporter and his guest do their best to convince us that this Rottweile...

Super Spice Bros 64 Play Video

Super Spice Bros 64 69 months ago

Old Spice and Mario 64 are epic on their own. Combined? Legendary.

Kung Fu Panda 2 Play Video

Kung Fu Panda 2 69 months ago

Watch the Kung Fu Panda 2 Superbowl Spot. Po joins forces with a group of n...