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From circus performers to everyday people with an unusual talent, Break's tricks and juggling category collects the best trick videos from the web. Whether it's a man juggling chainsaws or a balancing act on top of pieces of house hold furniture, these talented performers are a begging monkey away from taking their shows on the road. Luckily, Break has consolidated these videos so that you can view them all from the comfort of your own home.

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Trampoline Master Shows Off Play Video

Trampoline Master Shows Off 59 months ago

This dude almost seems to defy physics as he shows off some insane trampoli...

Turkish Ice Cream Man Play Video

Turkish Ice Cream Man 59 months ago

This had better be some really good ice cream.

Dumb Fire Juggler Gets Burned Play Video

Dumb Fire Juggler Gets Burned 60 months ago

You're fired! Ha ha! No, seriously, we're not going to pay you after you ru...

Chick Gets Blown Up Play Video

Chick Gets Blown Up 61 months ago

I thought this would be some kind of trick but nope they simply put this ch...

The World's Fastest Play Video

The World's Fastest 61 months ago

Cool compilation of some of the internet's fastest video records.

Incredible Balance Play Video

Incredible Balance 61 months ago

I would think it would be a lot easier to just ride one handed but regardle...

Guy Rules At Everything Play Video

Guy Rules At Everything 62 months ago

If you think you're good at beer pong, prepare to humbly bow at this guy's ...

Stupid Human Trick Play Video

Stupid Human Trick 64 months ago

This guy is light years ahead of David Copperfield, and he's our first Tale...

Cool Beer Pong Trick Shots Play Video

Cool Beer Pong Trick Shots 64 months ago

These guys studied trick shots, working pong and hard to get beer, and some...

The Butt Crack Chainsaw Play Video

The Butt Crack Chainsaw 66 months ago

No matter how old you get or mature you may be, there's always something fu...

World's Best Sign Guy Play Video

World's Best Sign Guy 66 months ago

An entry level sign guy makes minimum wage. This guy has spent years maste...

Massive 360 Degree Swing Play Video

Massive 360 Degree Swing 71 months ago

I sat here watching this video actually rooting for the guy to actually com...

Can Shot Off Arab's Head Play Video

Can Shot Off Arab's Head 72 months ago

Who would've thought that Middle Eastern guys shoot cans off each other jus...

Contact Juggling Play Video

Contact Juggling 75 months ago

Contact Juggling takes years of practice and incredible patience, but when ...

Break Gallery CLXXXV View Gallery

Break Gallery CLXXXV 77 months ago

Break Gallery #185!!! Time to get it on with a little bit of happytime with...

Incredible Basketball Shots Play Video

Incredible Basketball Shots 77 months ago

Some of these we have seen be but others are amazing. I can't imagine how ...