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There are many special events in one's life. Birthdays, graduations, and weddings just to name a few. Documenting these occasions on video has become a common practice. But when something goes wrong, those videos become goldmines of comedy. Break's special occasions videos show the best wedding fails, bar mitzvah mistakes, and bizarre birthdays on the web. These videos will make you thankful for every wedding DJ that doesn't get creepy and every wedding that doesn't end in tears.

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Snowball Through The Window Play Video

Snowball Through The Window 30 months ago

A snowball fight breaks out, and a guy catches a snowball going through a w...

First Lego In Space Play Video

First Lego In Space 31 months ago

With a budget of $400 a couple Canadian teenagers send a Lego 85,000 feet u...

"Everyone's Gone, Bro" Play Video

"Everyone's Gone, Bro" 31 months ago

This is that awkward moment after the festival when you realize you didn't ...

Play Rehearsal Faceplant Play Video

Play Rehearsal Faceplant 32 months ago

From what I understand you "break a leg" for good luck, so... good luck!

El Salvador Fireball Fight Play Video

El Salvador Fireball Fight 36 months ago

This is an annual activity in El Salvador, done in remembrance of a 1922 vo...

Streaker Owned By Bull Play Video

Streaker Owned By Bull 37 months ago

Bold move, choosing the Running of the Bulls to lose your virginity. I hope...

Now THAT'S How You Joust Play Video

Now THAT'S How You Joust 37 months ago

A knight takes a running jump off of two horses, dropping the Macho Man sty...

What is Canada Day? Play Video

What is Canada Day? 38 months ago

What is Canada Day? on Newsfeed -July 1st is tomorrow and with that comes n...

Did You Hear A Click? Play Video

Did You Hear A Click? 38 months ago

They're having a difficult enough time figuring out the webcam. Just wait u...

Ryan Sheckler Fund Raiser Play Video

Ryan Sheckler Fund Raiser 38 months ago

On June 10th, professional skateboarder Ryan Sheckler held an skateboarding...

Belmont Stakes Contenders Play Video

Belmont Stakes Contenders 38 months ago

The Belmont Stakes is being run this Saturday June 11th and is the 3rd leg ...

National Spelling Bee Finals Play Video

National Spelling Bee Finals 39 months ago

National Spelling Bee Finals on Newsfeed - The National Spelling Bee finals...

Flagpole Headshot Accident Play Video

Flagpole Headshot Accident 49 months ago

This just appears to be practice. When it's game time, he'll probably knock...

Kid Faceplants At Graduation Play Video

Kid Faceplants At Graduation 51 months ago

Apparently, as long as you can pass Phys Ed., it doesn't matter if you fail...