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Self-help is a dual-edged sword. On one side the ability to improve one's person is incredibly important, one the other is the fact that most self-help is fraud set up only to part dupes from their hard earned cash. Never mind that self-help videos are comedic goldmines, full of jokes and parody material. With this understanding Break has collected both the best real world self help videos as well as the best self help parodies. So for personal growth with a side order of comedy, look no further than Break's self-help videos.

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Fitting In Cardboard Play Video

Fitting In Cardboard 14 months ago

Sometimes we can all use a reminder on life like this one.

Safe Sex For Seniors Play Video

Safe Sex For Seniors 30 months ago

We all get old, but that doesn't mean we can't still have fun, right? This ...

How to Be More Social Play Video

How to Be More Social 39 months ago

Vanea is back to teach you how to be more social. She gives helpful tips of...

Politically Incorrect Sign Play Video

Politically Incorrect Sign 81 months ago

I thought this sign was hilarious. Let me know what you guys think of the ...

OJ Simpson Self Help Tape Play Video

OJ Simpson Self Help Tape 85 months ago

Well, to pay for his new legal battles OJ Simpson has recently released thi...

Failed Attempt At Suicide Play Video

Failed Attempt At Suicide 94 months ago

Alright, this really isnt something to laugh about but when you watch this ...

The Ultimate Cure For Shyness Play Video

The Ultimate Cure For Shyness 96 months ago

This clip is friggin hilarious. Its a spoof for a tequila ad and it explai...