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Recreational Weapons

Nerf guns, cap firing revolvers, and sling shots are most people's idea of recreational weapons. Break's recreational weapons feature fully automatic, live fire, auto lead-spittin' firearms. As well as some homemade pieces of artillery that pack one hell of a punch. These videos feature the craziest accidents, best sharp shooters, powerful shotguns, and biggest rounds in the world, as well as the finest collection of recoil knockouts this side of the Mississippi river. There's even a flare gun fail or two around here, if you're into that sort of thing. Whoever said guns aren't fun hasn't fired off 15 rounds into a watermelon or cut down a tree with bullets.

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Meanwhile In Syria Play Video

Meanwhile In Syria 14 months ago

Seems like a pretty dangerous parade.

Toilet Brush Revolver Play Video

Toilet Brush Revolver 14 months ago

Sounded pretty lame until it blew up that watermelon.

Quadcopter With Gun Vs Phone Play Video

Quadcopter With Gun Vs Phone 15 months ago

Something tells us that those were different bullets used between the phone...

How To Shoot Gangsta Style Play Video

How To Shoot Gangsta Style 15 months ago

Informative video that teaches you how to shoot a handgun like a gangster.

Sniping: Paintball Edition Play Video

Sniping: Paintball Edition 19 months ago

Causing welts from a safe distance, the way it was meant to be done.

Elmo Vs .44 Magnum Play Video

Elmo Vs .44 Magnum 26 months ago

No surprise comeback victory from the underdog on this one, but there's jus...

Heavy Weapons Lego Style Play Video

Heavy Weapons Lego Style 28 months ago

This kid builds a working model of a Desert Eagle, AKS-74U, Jungle Carbine,...

You're Embarrassing Yourself View Gallery

You're Embarrassing Yourself 29 months ago

These people might think they're having fun, but in reality, they're just m...