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10 Weird Presidential Facts View Gallery

10 Weird Presidential Facts 26 months ago

In honor of President's Day, we thought we'd tell you some awesome and weir...

Bill O'Reilly Rages Play Video

Bill O'Reilly Rages 26 months ago

Bill O'Reilly at it again. The Fox News anchor said Monday night that Whitn...

Tie-of-War View Image

Tie-of-War 26 months ago

This is how all political debates should get settled

Women for Santorum Play Video

Women for Santorum 26 months ago

Looks like Santorum has the lady vote locked up!


RICK SANTORUM 26 months ago

I'm Mike McAlister and this is Newsfeed. Mitt Romney has long been conside...

Stuff View Image

Stuff 27 months ago


Sleeping Bags View Image

Sleeping Bags 27 months ago

This is Mitch Hedberg and we all miss him.

Sick View Image

Sick 27 months ago

Wait, that's not right...

Party View Image

Party 27 months ago

So you're to blame...

Milkshake View Image

Milkshake 27 months ago


Opinion View Image

Opinion 27 months ago

We can all agree with this.

The Future View Image

The Future 27 months ago

We've all been there.

Equality View Image

Equality 27 months ago

I think we can all agree on this.

Not My Words View Image

Not My Words 27 months ago

This is a very good point.

Our Favorite MLK Quotes* View Gallery

Our Favorite MLK Quotes* 27 months ago

*The internet is great at attributing quotes to the wrong people, especiall...

Cats View Image

Cats 27 months ago

Because they aren't dogs.

Babies View Image

Babies 27 months ago

They're so noisy and smelly.

Building Supplies View Image

Building Supplies 27 months ago

I think someone will be lucky to get home in one piece.

Hippies View Image

Hippies 27 months ago

They love air and stuff, right? They'll enjoy it.

Photos of Dead Dictators View Image

Photos of Dead Dictators 27 months ago

Because that's what we all want to see rolling through the streets!