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Well the weather outside is frightful, and so are Break's Holiday videos. These hilarious clips feature the lighter side of the holidays. Drunken grandparents, Santa Claus falls, and thanksgiving turkeys set ablaze are but a few of the wintry treats that await you. What better time of the year to do that than when an entire angry family is forced to celebrate and exchange fruitcakes or get horribly pranked on Halloween? So eat an entire turkey or a ton of candy, and with any luck, you can crash into a food coma and sleep straight through the holiday's altogether.

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Was It Luck Or Was It Skill? Play Video

Was It Luck Or Was It Skill? 26 months ago

Friday the 13th is considered to be one of the most unlucky days of the yea...

Preventor: Anti-Fireworks PSA Play Video

Preventor: Anti-Fireworks PSA 26 months ago

Tomorrow a lot of you will be celebrating the birth of our nation. There wi...

Holocaust Remembrance Day Play Video

Holocaust Remembrance Day 29 months ago

On Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom Hashoah), sirens are sounded throughout I...

Chicago Dyeing The River Green Play Video

Chicago Dyeing The River Green 30 months ago

Each year, in honor of St. Patrick's Day, the city of Chicago comes togethe...

Santa Reponds! View Gallery

Santa Reponds! 33 months ago

Santa takes a moment out of his busy schedule to respond to bitter Christma...

A Dog Named Bo Play Video

A Dog Named Bo 33 months ago

If you have ever lost a dog it might be hard to make it to the end of this ...

I'm Santa And I Know It Play Video

I'm Santa And I Know It 33 months ago

This is by far my favorite Christmas parody of the year. If your only goin...

A Dubstep Christmas Play Video

A Dubstep Christmas 33 months ago

Unless you live within a three mile radius of these guys, it's hard not to ...

Ho Ho Ho Uh-Oh Play Video

Ho Ho Ho Uh-Oh 34 months ago

In front of hundreds of kids Santa repels off the second floor of a Florida...