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Some fights involve limp-wristed slap fests focused more on venting anger than actual harm. Break's fight videos focus on tremendous beat downs focusing on putting the other person in the hospital. From high school fights to drunken party brawls, street fights these vicious videos will haunt your nights. The best knockouts, greatest uppercuts, and hardest hits separate Break's videos from the rest.

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Student Vs Teacher Play Video

Student Vs Teacher 78 months ago

This video actually has gotten very big in Portugal lately where it took pl...

Danny Bonaduce Gets Slapped Play Video

Danny Bonaduce Gets Slapped 78 months ago

Some old dude picks a fight with Danny Bonaduce in a gym and ends tossing t...

Chicks Fight Before Concert Play Video

Chicks Fight Before Concert 78 months ago

It's been a long time since we posted a decent fight. These two girls go a...

Kid One Punches To Win Fight Play Video

Kid One Punches To Win Fight 79 months ago

This kid was getting his butt kicked and suddenly he tosses his one and onl...

Flying Kick To The Head Play Video

Flying Kick To The Head 80 months ago

This guy wins a fight that he didnt start and as he backs away from the los...

Beer Bottle Roommate Revenge Play Video

Beer Bottle Roommate Revenge 80 months ago

This is a bit of old school retaliation against a roommate that broke a bot...

Old People Fight Club Play Video

Old People Fight Club 81 months ago

A bunch of old Romanian guys box it out in a backyard fight club.

Massive Russian Brawl Play Video

Massive Russian Brawl 82 months ago

When theres nothing else going on Russians like to organize massive brawls ...

The Infamous Punch Play Video

The Infamous Punch 83 months ago

Even when theyre pissed off they are very polite and proper.

Dumb And Dumber Play Video

Dumb And Dumber 83 months ago

These guys are friggin crazy. They agree to exchange punches but they not ...

Amazing Homemade Fight Scene Play Video

Amazing Homemade Fight Scene 84 months ago

These well trained martial artists got together one weekend and made an awe...

Fight Breaks Out At Ballgame Play Video

Fight Breaks Out At Ballgame 85 months ago

A bunch of guys start messing with the home team fans and stand up to block...

Brutal Cat Fight After School Play Video

Brutal Cat Fight After School 85 months ago

Two girls go at it after school, this is one of the best cat fights I've se...