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Some fights involve limp-wristed slap fests focused more on venting anger than actual harm. Break's fight videos focus on tremendous beat downs focusing on putting the other person in the hospital. From high school fights to drunken party brawls, street fights these vicious videos will haunt your nights. The best knockouts, greatest uppercuts, and hardest hits separate Break's videos from the rest.

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Don't Mess With Santa Play Video

Don't Mess With Santa 70 months ago

This Santa isn't too thrilled about standing in the cold all day trying to ...

One Punch Comeback Play Video

One Punch Comeback 71 months ago

The dude in black is easily winning the fight until he takes one decent pun...

Buddy Tosses Knockout Punch Play Video

Buddy Tosses Knockout Punch 72 months ago

These friends are play fighting in the basement when one suddenly tosses a ...

Gangsta Knocks Out Gentleman Play Video

Gangsta Knocks Out Gentleman 72 months ago

Always take a gangsta over a gentleman. A sucker punch beats a tight rhyme ...

Fat Tourist Gets Knocked Out Play Video

Fat Tourist Gets Knocked Out 72 months ago

Something gets lost in translation between these two guys. The fat guy just...

Tough Fraternity To Rush Play Video

Tough Fraternity To Rush 72 months ago

In order to rush this fraternity you need to go three rounds with this craz...

Cheap Shot Play Video

Cheap Shot 73 months ago

This kid is really pissed off that someone stole his plant so he tries to s...

Big Guy Cries To Stop Fight Play Video

Big Guy Cries To Stop Fight 73 months ago

Some big dude picks a fight, but when he starts to get his butt kicked, he ...

Slap Contest Ends In Knockout Play Video

Slap Contest Ends In Knockout 75 months ago

This poor drunk dude is so little that he barely can reach the other guys f...