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Some fights involve limp-wristed slap fests focused more on venting anger than actual harm. Break's fight videos focus on tremendous beat downs focusing on putting the other person in the hospital. From high school fights to drunken party brawls, street fights these vicious videos will haunt your nights. The best knockouts, greatest uppercuts, and hardest hits separate Break's videos from the rest.

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Little League Coaches Fight Play Video

Little League Coaches Fight 61 months ago

Thanks for waiting until AFTER your kids said good game to start beating th...

Drop The Hammer Play Video

Drop The Hammer 61 months ago

A fight breaks out at a soccer game and out of nowhere this guy jumps in th...

Short Fight With Big Knockout Play Video

Short Fight With Big Knockout 62 months ago

War paint becomes clown make-up pretty quickly when you get knocked out in ...

Funny Croatian TV Show Fight Play Video

Funny Croatian TV Show Fight 63 months ago

No one screams 'Jerry! Jerry!' on this talk show, but the little guy's blow...

Soccer Fan Punches Woman Play Video

Soccer Fan Punches Woman 64 months ago

Call it old-fashioned, but no man should ever hit a woman. Good thing the p...

Wimpy Kid Knocked Out Play Video

Wimpy Kid Knocked Out 65 months ago

It's the quickest jump in weight class ever: he goes from featherweight to ...

Funny Street Fight Play Video

Funny Street Fight 65 months ago

This funny street fight is from the Calgary Stampede in 1991, a Canadian ro...

Chick Has Mean Right Hook Play Video

Chick Has Mean Right Hook 65 months ago

This chick slaps her boyfriend on a city street and when he yells at her fo...

Biker Scares Away Protesters Play Video

Biker Scares Away Protesters 66 months ago

In Brazil, protestors try to attack a biker, but he manages to diffuse the ...

Dorm Boxing Doesnt End Well Play Video

Dorm Boxing Doesnt End Well 66 months ago

A friendly boxing match in a college dorm leads to an unexpected KO that th...