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Microwave Box Of Wine Play Video

Microwave Box Of Wine 51 months ago

We have all seen what a little metal in a ...

The Human Firecracker Play Video

The Human Firecracker 52 months ago

As awesome as his outfit is, he still has trouble finding a girl to light h...

Ultra Slow Motion Explosion Play Video

Ultra Slow Motion Explosion 56 months ago

These guys place three pounds of pentolite in a bunker and capture the expl...

Now That's A Gun Play Video

Now That's A Gun 59 months ago

These guys fill a potato gun with gasoline and when they shoot it into the ...

Super Fast Tree Removal Play Video

Super Fast Tree Removal 63 months ago

The TNT Landscaping company doesn't pay its employees much, but it's hard t...

Vomit View Image

Vomit 63 months ago

It's Your Lucky Day Play Video

It's Your Lucky Day 64 months ago

A pedestrian in Israel is walking home from work when 75ft behind him a roc...