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People around the world celebrate mainly by blowing things up. From the 4th of July to New Years Eve people around the world have enjoyed fiery mayhem and merriment. Although not all explosions come in the form of fireworks, all explosions do come in the form of awesome. This is an important note that is not lost on Break. Break's explosion videos cover all types and styles of explosions. Creating a proving ground for the very best clips of things exploding, and all the people who react to them.

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Ultra Slow Motion Explosion Play Video

Ultra Slow Motion Explosion 59 months ago

These guys place three pounds of pentolite in a bunker and capture the expl...

Now That's A Gun Play Video

Now That's A Gun 62 months ago

These guys fill a potato gun with gasoline and when they shoot it into the ...

Super Fast Tree Removal Play Video

Super Fast Tree Removal 66 months ago

The TNT Landscaping company doesn't pay its employees much, but it's hard t...

It's Your Lucky Day Play Video

It's Your Lucky Day 67 months ago

A pedestrian in Israel is walking home from work when 75ft behind him a roc...

Dangerous Explosive Mallets Play Video

Dangerous Explosive Mallets 68 months ago

When you can't afford a Nintendo or a copy of Bomberman, you just have to i...

Coolest Use of Sawdust Ever Play Video

Coolest Use of Sawdust Ever 69 months ago

You can re-use sawdust in a lot of ways. Or, you can just try to ignite it ...

Radio Booth Engulfed in Flames Play Video

Radio Booth Engulfed in Flames 70 months ago

There is a reason that you are supposed to take your smoke break outside th...

Lucky Roman Candle Shot Play Video

Lucky Roman Candle Shot 71 months ago

The shot placement was very lucky - but the dumb guy getting shot was unluc...

Molotov Cocktail Baseball Play Video

Molotov Cocktail Baseball 71 months ago

Little known fact, Molotov cocktail baseball was actually one of Charles Da...

Hot Dog Stand Blows Up Play Video

Hot Dog Stand Blows Up 72 months ago

All I want to know is what the hell do they put into hot dogs that when the...

Dry Ice Vs Cinder Block Play Video

Dry Ice Vs Cinder Block 74 months ago

These guys load up a 3 liter bottle full of dry ice and stick it in a cinde...

Drano Bomb Goes Really Bad Play Video

Drano Bomb Goes Really Bad 75 months ago

These kids are attempting to make a drano bomb but unfortunately something ...

Tanker Implodes Play Video

Tanker Implodes 75 months ago

This is what happen when a tank car isn't given enough ventilation.

Proper Fridge Disposal Play Video

Proper Fridge Disposal 78 months ago

These kids have found the best way to dispose of an old fridge.