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Wrong Way View Image

Wrong Way 31 months ago

A firetruck sinks into a mud hole.

Vacuum Cleaner Sucks Up Fire Play Video

Vacuum Cleaner Sucks Up Fire 31 months ago

If this didn't completely destroy the vacuum once the fire was out it would...

Best High Five Ever View Image

Best High Five Ever 31 months ago

Friends high-fiving in front of fireworks

Rocket Launcher Accident Play Video

Rocket Launcher Accident 37 months ago

Homemade rocket launcher accident. With some great insightful commentary. T...

Got C*m? View Image

Got C*m? 40 months ago

In This Picture: Photo of person being sprayed in face

Propane Tank Shot Play Video

Propane Tank Shot 40 months ago

Insane explosion of a leaky propane tank being shot with a rifle.

Powerful Little Firecracker Play Video

Powerful Little Firecracker 41 months ago

These kids nearly send a pot into orbit with this little firecracker. Mayb...

Farmer Blows Up Hay Bales Play Video

Farmer Blows Up Hay Bales 44 months ago

This old farmer puts eighteen sticks of dynamite in six bales of hay and bl...

Nuclear Attack Safety Fail View Image

Nuclear Attack Safety Fail 45 months ago

In This Photo: A very poor example of how to be safe in a nuclear attack.

Awesome View Image

Awesome 49 months ago

Explosion During Morning Show Play Video

Explosion During Morning Show 49 months ago

This news anchor looks as if the three cups of coffee she had this morning ...