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People around the world celebrate mainly by blowing things up. From the 4th of July to New Years Eve people around the world have enjoyed fiery mayhem and merriment. Although not all explosions come in the form of fireworks, all explosions do come in the form of awesome. This is an important note that is not lost on Break. Break's explosion videos cover all types and styles of explosions. Creating a proving ground for the very best clips of things exploding, and all the people who react to them.

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Scum Pot Valve Explosion Play Video

Scum Pot Valve Explosion 29 months ago

No matter how bad your day gets at least its not as bad as this guys. What...

Vacuum Cleaner Sucks Up Fire Play Video

Vacuum Cleaner Sucks Up Fire 34 months ago

If this didn't completely destroy the vacuum once the fire was out it would...

Propane Tank Shot Play Video

Propane Tank Shot 43 months ago

Insane explosion of a leaky propane tank being shot with a rifle.

Powerful Little Firecracker Play Video

Powerful Little Firecracker 45 months ago

These kids nearly send a pot into orbit with this little firecracker. Mayb...

Farmer Blows Up Hay Bales Play Video

Farmer Blows Up Hay Bales 47 months ago

This old farmer puts eighteen sticks of dynamite in six bales of hay and bl...

Explosion During Morning Show Play Video

Explosion During Morning Show 52 months ago

This news anchor looks as if the three cups of coffee she had this morning ...

Microwave Box Of Wine Play Video

Microwave Box Of Wine 54 months ago

We have all seen what a little metal in a ...

The Human Firecracker Play Video

The Human Firecracker 55 months ago

As awesome as his outfit is, he still has trouble finding a girl to light h...