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People around the world celebrate mainly by blowing things up. From the 4th of July to New Years Eve people around the world have enjoyed fiery mayhem and merriment. Although not all explosions come in the form of fireworks, all explosions do come in the form of awesome. This is an important note that is not lost on Break. Break's explosion videos cover all types and styles of explosions. Creating a proving ground for the very best clips of things exploding, and all the people who react to them.

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Germany Bridge Demo Play Video

Germany Bridge Demo 14 months ago

Huge demolition of a large bridge in Germany.

Nuclear Explosion In Space Play Video

Nuclear Explosion In Space 15 months ago

Apparently, we decided that it would be fun to blow up a nuclear weapon in ...

Demolition Near Miss Play Video

Demolition Near Miss 17 months ago

That guy’s extremely lucky to have that safety line.

Russian Pimp Vs Snowmen Play Video

Russian Pimp Vs Snowmen 18 months ago

If you’re going to kill snowmen, you better dress for the occasion.

Bridgesplosion! Play Video

Bridgesplosion! 18 months ago

Everyone just showed up for a day of relaxing bridge watching, and then thi...

Coca Cola Money Shot Play Video

Coca Cola Money Shot 24 months ago

Yes, Mentos in Coke makes Coke explode but if you put a condom on it, it ma...

Freaky Silo Collapse Play Video

Freaky Silo Collapse 24 months ago

Definitely an inside job. Silos do NOT collapse like this.

Grenade Blows Up Russian Boat Play Video

Grenade Blows Up Russian Boat 25 months ago

Russia saves a lot of money on video editing and just opts to blow up their...