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People around the world celebrate mainly by blowing things up. From the 4th of July to New Years Eve people around the world have enjoyed fiery mayhem and merriment. Although not all explosions come in the form of fireworks, all explosions do come in the form of awesome. This is an important note that is not lost on Break. Break's explosion videos cover all types and styles of explosions. Creating a proving ground for the very best clips of things exploding, and all the people who react to them.

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Exploding Tire Flips Out Man Play Video

Exploding Tire Flips Out Man 7 months ago

This is the best video of a tire exploding taped off of some guys computer ...

Amazing Electrical Fireball Play Video

Amazing Electrical Fireball 9 months ago

If a naked man with an Austrian accent emerges from this, they should proba...

Close Call Tram Malfunction Play Video

Close Call Tram Malfunction 13 months ago

Thousands of volts of electricity bounce around this tram track just a mome...

Hay Bail Explosions Play Video

Hay Bail Explosions 13 months ago

Farmers have awesome ways to celebrate birthdays.