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There are people in the world who have an innate skill for entertaining. While not being particularly funny, talented, or musically inclined these people have a certain spark that cannot be ignored. Break has combed the internet for just such videos and reserves them in the entertaining category. Whether it is the best half time show, weirdest human ability, or small human oddity these purely entertaining videos will not disappoint.

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Super Sumo Slowmo Play Video

Super Sumo Slowmo 61 months ago

Normally, you'd be way more excited if we told you a video featured slow-mo...

World's Largest Firework Play Video

World's Largest Firework 61 months ago

This is a short video of what is supposedly the largest firework ever launc...

Couple Terrified On Ride Play Video

Couple Terrified On Ride 61 months ago

Insane how scared this couple is riding an amusement park ride. Not sure w...

Top Gun Spoof Goes Bad Play Video

Top Gun Spoof Goes Bad 67 months ago

This kid attaches a camera to his RC plane to film a Top Gun spoof but he g...

Group Sake Bomb Failure Play Video

Group Sake Bomb Failure 69 months ago

Make sure not to karate chop the table too hard during your sake bombing or...

Unbelievable Dice Stacking Play Video

Unbelievable Dice Stacking 71 months ago

This kid is unbelievable! For someone that's too young to gamble, this awes...

Arm Wrestling Fail Play Video

Arm Wrestling Fail 72 months ago

The guy on the left was acting all cocky during this match finishing his sa...

Grandma Knows How To Party Play Video

Grandma Knows How To Party 73 months ago

Here is something you don't see everyday. Grandma had a little too much to...

World's Biggest Tongue Play Video

World's Biggest Tongue 77 months ago

Well, this video isn't an official record but if this dude doesn't have the...

How to Talk to Black People Play Video

How to Talk to Black People 79 months ago

The U.S. Olympic Track & Field trials are being held in Eugene, Oregon, thi...

Funny Motivational Posters Play Video

Funny Motivational Posters 80 months ago

Nice little compilation of a bunch of those motivational poster knock offs.

Be Kind To The Future Play Video

Be Kind To The Future 80 months ago

A group of friends get together and recreated Back to the Future sort of as...

Lessons On Life Play Video

Lessons On Life 81 months ago

Jon Lajoie is back with words of wisdom on how to live a better and more fu...

More Amazing Facts Play Video

More Amazing Facts 81 months ago

Alright, I didnt check every single one of these facts but all the ones I d...

Fifty Perfect Impressions Play Video

Fifty Perfect Impressions 82 months ago

This guy does a parody of all the videos out their that try to do impersona...