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There are people in the world who have an innate skill for entertaining. While not being particularly funny, talented, or musically inclined these people have a certain spark that cannot be ignored. Break has combed the internet for just such videos and reserves them in the entertaining category. Whether it is the best half time show, weirdest human ability, or small human oddity these purely entertaining videos will not disappoint.

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Funny Motivational Posters Play Video

Funny Motivational Posters 77 months ago

Nice little compilation of a bunch of those motivational poster knock offs.

Be Kind To The Future Play Video

Be Kind To The Future 77 months ago

A group of friends get together and recreated Back to the Future sort of as...

Lessons On Life Play Video

Lessons On Life 77 months ago

Jon Lajoie is back with words of wisdom on how to live a better and more fu...

More Amazing Facts Play Video

More Amazing Facts 78 months ago

Alright, I didnt check every single one of these facts but all the ones I d...

Fifty Perfect Impressions Play Video

Fifty Perfect Impressions 78 months ago

This guy does a parody of all the videos out their that try to do impersona...

Interesting Facts Play Video

Interesting Facts 79 months ago

Another well done video with a bunch of stupid but interesting facts. I ha...

Drunk Man Hits Invisible Wall Play Video

Drunk Man Hits Invisible Wall 79 months ago

I know where this wall is. I actually walked into it myself last night. T...

Bad Case Of Upset Stomach Play Video

Bad Case Of Upset Stomach 80 months ago

This is a hilarious video about how the Japanese people learn to speak Engl...

Grandma Watches 2 Girls 1 Cup Play Video

Grandma Watches 2 Girls 1 Cup 80 months ago

What kind of messed up kid would make their Grandma watch 2 Girls 1 Cup. Fu...

Japanese Binocular Soccer Play Video

Japanese Binocular Soccer 80 months ago

Leave it to the Japanese to dress a bunch of guys up in Waldo outfits, plac...

2 Girls 1 Cup Play Video

2 Girls 1 Cup 81 months ago

If you thought 6 girls in a room watching the 2 girls 1 cup video would get...

Incredible Beer Pong Skills Play Video

Incredible Beer Pong Skills 81 months ago

Either this guy is one of the worlds best beer pong shooters or is the worl...

Pissed Pluto Chases Brat Play Video

Pissed Pluto Chases Brat 83 months ago

We dont see exactly what this kid to piss Pluto off but Im guessing it has ...

Leave The Britney Fan Alone! Play Video

Leave The Britney Fan Alone! 83 months ago

A fan of the Last Britney Spears fan stands up for him after his breakdown ...