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Old People Are Awesome View Gallery

Old People Are Awesome 22 months ago

Older people get a bad rap. But just because they're up there in age doesn'...

The Redneck Lawnmower Play Video

The Redneck Lawnmower 22 months ago

We're not sure whether this guy is the laziest genius we know or just a laz...

Day of the Gnomes View Image

Day of the Gnomes 22 months ago

When it comes to the epic discussion of which is the best lawn ornament, fl...

Fake Treasure Chest Prank Play Video

Fake Treasure Chest Prank 22 months ago

This video shows the people of Venice Beach being suckered by a fake treasu...

Hooters Girl Can Hula Hoop Play Video

Hooters Girl Can Hula Hoop 23 months ago

Thank God it's finally Friday! How about a Hooter's Girl dancing with a Hul...

Bachelor Party Bungee Prank Play Video

Bachelor Party Bungee Prank 23 months ago

For his bachelor party, this guy's friends take him bungee jumping blindfol...

Bowling Sounds Dirrrrrty View Image

Bowling Sounds Dirrrrrty 23 months ago

Advertising for bowling or for a different proposition entirely? Either way...

Funny Douche: Bad Friends View Image

Funny Douche: Bad Friends 23 months ago

What's worse, friends who Sharpie you or friends who "food" you?

Our Favorite Funny Douches View Gallery

Our Favorite Funny Douches 23 months ago

Some people are douchey and not fun at all. However, these people are hilar...

Smooth Kid Gets His Kiss Play Video

Smooth Kid Gets His Kiss 24 months ago

How old is this kid? He's already making smooth moves, the very moves that ...

Skipping Stones Like A Boss Play Video

Skipping Stones Like A Boss 24 months ago

This guys skips stones better than anyone we know. Maybe the power is in hi...