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There are people in the world who have an innate skill for entertaining. While not being particularly funny, talented, or musically inclined these people have a certain spark that cannot be ignored. Break has combed the internet for just such videos and reserves them in the entertaining category. Whether it is the best half time show, weirdest human ability, or small human oddity these purely entertaining videos will not disappoint.

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Carlos Santana Rant Play Video

Carlos Santana Rant 39 months ago

Carlos Santana Rant on Newsfeed - Carlos Santana hates immigration laws and...

Seal Laughs Just Like Girl Play Video

Seal Laughs Just Like Girl 39 months ago

This seal's and this girl's laugh are eerily similar. She should take a cue...

Brothers Dance Step Duel Play Video

Brothers Dance Step Duel 39 months ago

The older guy is pretty good but his little brother ends up stealing the sh...

35 Year Time Lapse Play Video

35 Year Time Lapse 39 months ago

Sam Klemke may be the world's first videologger. At the end of every year ...

"Don't Do It In The Park" Play Video

"Don't Do It In The Park" 40 months ago

In this epic lecture, an aging park employee in Reno has one bit of advice ...

Most Wasted Driver Ever Play Video

Most Wasted Driver Ever 40 months ago

How many faceplants must you make before you realize you're not OK? This gu...

This Day in History: April 25 Play Video

This Day in History: April 25 40 months ago

It is April 25th and just because Easter happened doesn’t mean you have to ...

Worst Paint Job Ever Play Video

Worst Paint Job Ever 41 months ago

This is what happens when you pay the guy living on the benches on the side...

Chinese Popcorn Cannon Play Video

Chinese Popcorn Cannon 42 months ago

This is how popcorn is made on the streets of China. As always, they do it ...

Turn Up The Bass Play Video

Turn Up The Bass 44 months ago

This dude installs a 30,000 watt sound system in his car and turns it up fu...

Two Girls Two Balls Play Video

Two Girls Two Balls 44 months ago

Two chicks run full speed towards each other and collide while holding exer...

The 2010 Win Compilation Play Video

The 2010 Win Compilation 44 months ago

With so many fails over the past year you tend to forget the wins. Here is...

Party Fail Compilation Play Video

Party Fail Compilation 44 months ago

Hilarious little compilation of some party fails from 2010.