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The King Of Puns Play Video

The King Of Puns 42 months ago

This guy’s puns are all over the map *drops mic*.

Sign Flipping Level: EXTREME Play Video

Sign Flipping Level: EXTREME 44 months ago

If this guy doesn't make you want to go shop at whatever place he's flippin...

The Wet/Dry Swing Machine Play Video

The Wet/Dry Swing Machine 47 months ago

The power of science has finally harnessed the ability to swing without get...

The Lowest Limbo Ever Play Video

The Lowest Limbo Ever 48 months ago

We're not sure how this was possible without some sort of harness system li...

Extreme Canadian Road Rage! Play Video

Extreme Canadian Road Rage! 49 months ago

A truck pulls in front of a speeding biker on accident and that's when the ...

Awkward Handshaking Play Video

Awkward Handshaking 50 months ago

Can't ever quite get a cool handshake right? It's ok. Everyone might be pra...