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The world is a scary place. Where one man will cut another just for the spare change in his pocket. With the advent of closed circuit cameras, many of these crimes are now caught on cameras every day. Break has the best videos of stick ups, dumb criminals, and grand theft auto ever captured on security cameras. Let these clips be a warning to honest citizens everywhere. "You need to hide your kids, hide your wife, because they raping everybody out here!" Then again, sometimes the bungling criminals get caught and sometimes a thief gets his butt kicked. It goes both ways in the world of crime.

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Reverse Bait Car Play Video

Reverse Bait Car 14 months ago

This dude cruises at exactly the speed limit legally flashing his lights an...

Hit And Run In Front Of Cop Play Video

Hit And Run In Front Of Cop 14 months ago

Driver hits a car in front of a dozen cops and then tries to make a run.

Kim Dotcom: The Raid Play Video

Kim Dotcom: The Raid 14 months ago

First bin Laden, then a dude who helps you download crappy movies.

Offering Random People Drugs Play Video

Offering Random People Drugs 15 months ago

This is what happens when you walk around downtown Salt Lake City and offer...

How Not To Lock A Gate Play Video

How Not To Lock A Gate 15 months ago

This dude shows you why this is the wrong lock to use on this gate.

Armed And Disarmed Robbery Play Video

Armed And Disarmed Robbery 16 months ago

There are perks to knowing your way around a gun better than some idiot.

How Not To Steal Gas Play Video

How Not To Steal Gas 16 months ago

Man, the driver really launches that poor girl.