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The world is a scary place. Where one man will cut another just for the spare change in his pocket. With the advent of closed circuit cameras, many of these crimes are now caught on cameras every day. Break has the best videos of stick ups, dumb criminals, and grand theft auto ever captured on security cameras. Let these clips be a warning to honest citizens everywhere. "You need to hide your kids, hide your wife, because they raping everybody out here!" Then again, sometimes the bungling criminals get caught and sometimes a thief gets his butt kicked. It goes both ways in the world of crime.

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Fast, Furious and Filched Play Video

Fast, Furious and Filched 21 months ago

If you leave the keys in your shiny, yellow douchemobile, you’re asking for...

Karma At It's Finest Hour Play Video

Karma At It's Finest Hour 23 months ago

After a failed robbery this dude slashes the store owner's tire and literal...

Bogus Beggar Busted Play Video

Bogus Beggar Busted 23 months ago

A 20 year old chick dresses up as a disabled beggar and gets caught scammin...

Detained For Open Carry Play Video

Detained For Open Carry 25 months ago

All that knowledge and yet somehow still managed to never learn how to film...

Man Unfazed By Cop's Taser Play Video

Man Unfazed By Cop's Taser 27 months ago

Usually, you don't have to tell someone to get on the ground when you're sh...

Joseph Kony - The Interview Play Video

Joseph Kony - The Interview 28 months ago

In the last 48 hours Joesph Kony has gone from a person 99% of the world wa...