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Sometimes people get pushed over the edge. At this moment, the two paths of sanity diverge. One path leads towards a logical and normal response to a situation. The second path calls for opening up a big box of crazy and letting its contents run amok. People who take the second path have a home in Break's crazy people category. From epic beard man to angry airline patrons and crazy girls, these lost souls show no understanding of social norms or appropriate responses to life's events.

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The Yo-Yo Imposter Play Video

The Yo-Yo Imposter 14 months ago

This might just be one of the greatest trolls of all time.

Superman Loses It Play Video

Superman Loses It 14 months ago

Times are tough in the world of crime fighting. Be nice to your local Supe...

The Worst Thief Ever Play Video

The Worst Thief Ever 17 months ago

This guy needs to find a new hobby. After he gets out of prison.

Biker Babe? Play Video

Biker Babe? 17 months ago

And if you look out the left window you’ll see shame.

Ladies, He’s A Gold Miner Play Video

Ladies, He’s A Gold Miner 17 months ago

Which is better, the wink or that brief expression of pride when he checks ...

Party Fouls To Avoid View Gallery

Party Fouls To Avoid 19 months ago

Have some fun, but make sure not to make yourself look like a fool. But if ...

Nerd Entertainment 101 Play Video

Nerd Entertainment 101 20 months ago

This guy has way too much fun playing with his Zen Magnets.