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Sometimes people get pushed over the edge. At this moment, the two paths of sanity diverge. One path leads towards a logical and normal response to a situation. The second path calls for opening up a big box of crazy and letting its contents run amok. People who take the second path have a home in Break's crazy people category. From epic beard man to angry airline patrons and crazy girls, these lost souls show no understanding of social norms or appropriate responses to life's events.

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Crazy Rhubarb Lady On Conan Play Video

Crazy Rhubarb Lady On Conan 13 months ago

Don't ask why rhubarb is growing on a studio lot or if the Rhubarb Lady loo...

Bankrupt By Beanies Play Video

Bankrupt By Beanies 13 months ago

The only thing worse than blowing your life savings on Beanie Babies is mak...

Bigfoot Footage Play Video

Bigfoot Footage 14 months ago

So what's the excuse now with having crappy cameras when they magically fil...

It's A Thug Life Play Video

It's A Thug Life 14 months ago

They didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose them.

Am I Your Son? Play Video

Am I Your Son? 14 months ago

It's a small world, just not this time.

What Time Is It? Play Video

What Time Is It? 14 months ago

When it is time to get everyone to bed this dude doesn't mess around.