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Sometimes people get pushed over the edge. At this moment, the two paths of sanity diverge. One path leads towards a logical and normal response to a situation. The second path calls for opening up a big box of crazy and letting its contents run amok. People who take the second path have a home in Break's crazy people category. From epic beard man to angry airline patrons and crazy girls, these lost souls show no understanding of social norms or appropriate responses to life's events.

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Crazy Bird Prank! Play Video

Crazy Bird Prank! 11 months ago

Don't feed the seagulls: unless it's over unsuspecting beach goers.

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14 Supremely Bad Ideas 11 months ago

Not everything seems like a good idea at the time.

13 Epically Shameful Drunks View Gallery

13 Epically Shameful Drunks 11 months ago

There's being a little tipsy and then there's peeing in the fridge.

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Frightening Airplane Meltdown 12 months ago

Flying can be scary. Especially when other passengers scream for divine int...

Crazy People 101 Play Video

Crazy People 101 12 months ago

A New York school field trip gets an added bonus.

Angry Bikers Take On Motorist Play Video

Angry Bikers Take On Motorist 12 months ago

Crazy footage of a duel between motorcyclists and a Range Rover in New York...