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Albert Einstein View Image

Albert Einstein 36 months ago

Albert Einstein pitching Mentos. I repeat...Albert Einstein...pitching MEN...

Tom Selleck View Image

Tom Selleck 36 months ago

So THAT'S how he gets such a stache.

Johnny Carson View Image

Johnny Carson 36 months ago

Johnny's first guest on the Tonight Show.

Sammy Davis Jr. View Image

Sammy Davis Jr. 36 months ago

Those are gonna be some real bummed out girls and boys.

Alfred Hitchcock View Image

Alfred Hitchcock 36 months ago

He sure did like anything blonde.

Rodney Dangerfield View Image

Rodney Dangerfield 36 months ago

Lobsters and pens. Someone got paid for that.

Woody Allen View Image

Woody Allen 36 months ago

Every movie he tries to drink booze in, he chokes. So this makes TOTAL sen...

Leonard Nimoy View Image

Leonard Nimoy 36 months ago

Okay, this makes sense. Spock is from the future, future of technology, I ...

Bill Cosby View Image

Bill Cosby 36 months ago

Told ya! He loved it!

Bill Cosby View Image

Bill Cosby 36 months ago

The man loved doing this stuff.

Wilt Chamberlain View Image

Wilt Chamberlain 36 months ago

The seat they "designed" looks pretty crappy.

Willie Mays View Image

Willie Mays 36 months ago

Who is he talking to? Calm down, Mays.

Elvis Presley View Image

Elvis Presley 36 months ago

It's not HIS lipstick or anything.

Elvis Presley View Image

Elvis Presley 36 months ago

From the looks of it, he's about to crash that free Honda.

Bill Cosby View Image

Bill Cosby 36 months ago

This man loved feeding children sugar, didn't he?

William Shatner View Image

William Shatner 36 months ago

"And with this computer, don't forget to log onto Priceline!"

Arnold View Image

Arnold 36 months ago

Bonus points if you knew who the woman was.

O.J. Simpson View Image

O.J. Simpson 36 months ago

No one needs good running shoes like this guy right here.

Chuck Norris View Image

Chuck Norris 36 months ago

Would you buy a pair of those? Of course you would.

Shaft View Image

Shaft 36 months ago

He's one badass, smilin', mutha f--shutcho' mouth.

House View Image

House 36 months ago

And Stephen fry!

Michael and Paul View Image

Michael and Paul 36 months ago

Didn't Michael steal their song catalog?

Bill Murray View Image

Bill Murray 36 months ago

Cool stache, bro

Stephen King View Image

Stephen King 36 months ago

That bike is possessed

Arnold and Tom View Image

Arnold and Tom 36 months ago

What's new, Pussycat? A tumor!