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What makes a celebrity special? For some it's the ability to create a real character out of nothing. For others its the ability to play an instrument with precision and skill. Others still have beauty, money or some combination of the two. Whether it's a debutante sex tape from Kim Kardashian or a movie star interview, Break's celebrities category covers the entire spectrum of celeb life. But coddling and affectation will not be found here. Instead here are the most irreverent interviews, spiciest clips, and most salacious celebrity scandals on the internet. Fame or infamy, both can be found at Break.

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FBI and Baby Face Nelson Play Video

FBI and Baby Face Nelson 12 months ago

Archival footage of the early days of the FBI's efforts against Public Enem...

This Is Why Everything Sucks Play Video

This Is Why Everything Sucks 12 months ago

The clip is a couple years old so just swap out 'Jonas Brothers' for 'Justi...