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Hannah Davis View Image

Hannah Davis 15 days ago

Jeter and Hannah Davis became official in 2013. But don't worry, glamorous ...

Minka Kelly View Image

Minka Kelly 15 days ago

After a truly ludicrous string of models and actresses, it looked like Mink...

Rachel Uchitel View Image

Rachel Uchitel 15 days ago

You might know Rachel Uchitel as one of the women who helped Tiger Woods ch...

Jessica Biel View Image

Jessica Biel 15 days ago

Also in 2006 was Derek Jeter's much publicized romance with Jessica Biel. T...

Adriana Lima View Image

Adriana Lima 15 days ago

2006 was another busy year for Jeter's libido. He dated Adriana Lima, the V...

Vida Guerra View Image

Vida Guerra 15 days ago

Back in 2005, Vida Guerra was regarded as one of the hottest women on the p...

Scarlett Johansson View Image

Scarlett Johansson 15 days ago

Talk about an epic double play-- in addition to Jessica Alba, Derek Jeter i...

Jessica Alba View Image

Jessica Alba 15 days ago

In 2004, Derek Jeter continued down his checklist of sexiest women in the w...

Vanessa Minnillo View Image

Vanessa Minnillo 15 days ago

Long before Nick Lachey entered the picture, Derek Jeter and Vanessa Minnil...

Jordana Brewster View Image

Jordana Brewster 15 days ago

In 2002, Derek Jeter had moved on to Jordana Brewster. The actress had just...

Tyra Banks View Image

Tyra Banks 15 days ago

Derek Jeter and supermodel-turned-television host, Tyra Banks, were spotted...

Joy Enriquez View Image

Joy Enriquez 15 days ago

In 2001, Derek Jeter and Joy Enriquez were an item. They reportedly met whi...

Lara Dutta View Image

Lara Dutta 15 days ago

Lara Dutta caught Derek Jeter's eye after she won the Miss Universe pageant...

Bridget Hall View Image

Bridget Hall 15 days ago

After the breakup with Mariah, Derek Jeter rebounded with Bridget Hall. It ...

Mariah Carey View Image

Mariah Carey 15 days ago

Mariah Carey was Derek Jeter's first celebrity girlfriend. They dated for a...

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