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To protect and serve: this motto defines modern police work for cops around the world. Of course, any career that involves guns, drunks, parties, and criminals is sure to be more interesting than the average 9 to 5. 90 percent of all police work is paperwork the other 10 percent are high speed chases, drug den raids, and bank robbery shoot outs. Break captures all of these moments from dashboard cameras, news helicopter highlights, and cell phone cameras so that you don't miss a moment of the action.

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Bike Cop Crashes Down Stairs Play Video

Bike Cop Crashes Down Stairs 46 months ago

I think it's official. Bike officers must be the ones who aren't smart enou...

Police Chase Flaming Bus Play Video

Police Chase Flaming Bus 49 months ago

Police chase this flaming, stolen bus for blocks. Newsflash, guys, you've g...

Woman Too Excited! Play Video

Woman Too Excited! 50 months ago

This woman is way too excited in this video. Her friend is getting arrest...

Dude Falls Hard While Tazed Play Video

Dude Falls Hard While Tazed 51 months ago

The cops pull out the tazer gun on this big guy and he hits the sidewalk so...

Stupid Kid Taunts Cop Play Video

Stupid Kid Taunts Cop 52 months ago

This dumb kid runs through multiple lanes of busy traffic, jumps on top of ...

Couple Kids Steal Police Car Play Video

Couple Kids Steal Police Car 52 months ago

I suppose if you're dumb enough to steal a police car, you're equally dumb ...

Prisoner Escapes From Cops Play Video

Prisoner Escapes From Cops 52 months ago

A prisoner complains it's too hot in the back of a squad car so the cops ro...

20 Good Guys Getting Arrested View Gallery

20 Good Guys Getting Arrested 54 months ago

These childhood heroes finally earn street cred when they mess with the law...

Police Officer Cheats Death Play Video

Police Officer Cheats Death 54 months ago

The police officer in the back avoided being sandwiched between the van and...

A Lucky Cop On Christmas Play Video

A Lucky Cop On Christmas 57 months ago

This lucky cop jumps out of the way of a out of control vehicle and escapes...