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Check out the best parkour videos in's amateur stunts category.

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Real Life Super Mario Parkour Play Video

Real Life Super Mario Parkour 8 months ago

This year is Mario’s 35th anniversary. The character made his first appear...

Parkour Fail Butt Plant Play Video

Parkour Fail Butt Plant 37 months ago

That will be the last time he'll want to sit for a long time.

Insane Parkour Stunts POV Play Video

Insane Parkour Stunts POV 38 months ago

Not sure we ever seen anyone in their late 30s doing parkour.

Crazy Parkour Moves Play Video

Crazy Parkour Moves 39 months ago

These guys perform so difficult and unique moves.

How Not To Backflip Play Video

How Not To Backflip 40 months ago

This dude had so little rotation that he nearly landed on his feet.

Epic Parkour Fail Play Video

Epic Parkour Fail 41 months ago

Honestly, who attempts a jump like this that can't make it even half way.

Parkour Fail Play Video

Parkour Fail 53 months ago

In this video a guy attempts some parkour with a soft surface of sand for h...