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Check out the best parkour videos in's amateur stunts category.

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Tree Jump Fail Play Video

Tree Jump Fail 33 months ago

Just as this kid is jumping from a 2nd story window onto a tree his buddy s...

Kids Parkour Fail Play Video

Kids Parkour Fail 33 months ago

These young kids try to parkour but cant help but fail miserably. As the f...

Awesome Parkour Brothers Play Video

Awesome Parkour Brothers 35 months ago

These kids are freerunning phenoms, and their video ends on a hilariously s...

Parkour Slip Into Basement Play Video

Parkour Slip Into Basement 35 months ago

This dude falls head first through an opening and lands fourteen feet below...

Parking Lot Nutshot Play Video

Parking Lot Nutshot 35 months ago

This dude attempts to jump across the top of a row of parking lot bollards ...

Rock Wall Parkour Nutshot Play Video

Rock Wall Parkour Nutshot 36 months ago

This is a brutal looking nutshot but the best part is what the dude says af...

Parkour Pipe Jumping Fail Play Video

Parkour Pipe Jumping Fail 37 months ago

Kid slips off the top of a steel pipe and takes a crushing nutshot before l...

Dude Slips Off Icy Roof Play Video

Dude Slips Off Icy Roof 40 months ago

This kid slips off a two storey roof and belly flops into icy water.

Gate Jump Faceplant Play Video

Gate Jump Faceplant 41 months ago

This dude attempts to jump a 3 foot high gate with a 2 foot high jump and e...

Free Running Faceplant Play Video

Free Running Faceplant 41 months ago

This dude tries to land on the top of a pipe but completely misses the land...

Hilarious Failed Jump Play Video

Hilarious Failed Jump 41 months ago

This big dude attempts to jump over a pipe bollard and gets his shorts stuc...

Parkour Guy Gets Railed Play Video

Parkour Guy Gets Railed 43 months ago

This dude jumps from the top of a wall and lands an epic rail.

Failed Parkour Fence Jump Play Video

Failed Parkour Fence Jump 48 months ago

This little dude will be singing soprano at church today after failing a pa...

Parkour Roof Fail Play Video

Parkour Roof Fail 48 months ago

This dude jumps from the top of one wall right through a skinny roof.

Parkour Walljump Crash Play Video

Parkour Walljump Crash 48 months ago

Parkour is the art of moving around obstacles efficiently. When your town i...

Three Kids Fail At Parkour Play Video

Three Kids Fail At Parkour 49 months ago

Neither of these kids had a chance in hell to land this running front flip....

Parkour Fence Jump Fail Play Video

Parkour Fence Jump Fail 49 months ago

This dude attempts to jump from the top of one fence onto another but come...

Man Of Many Talents Play Video

Man Of Many Talents 52 months ago

This dude couldn't come up with any new talents on his own so he decided to...