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Check out the best dumb ass stunt videos in's amateur stunts category.

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How Not To Open A Door Play Video

How Not To Open A Door 1 month ago

Even if he thought it would open on its own, shouldn’t he have slowed down?

Slip, Slide, Smack Play Video

Slip, Slide, Smack 2 months ago

That’s what you get for standing there.

Saved By The Dreadlocks Play Video

Saved By The Dreadlocks 4 months ago

The dreadlocks likely played only a minor role in lessening the pain.

Handspring Fail Play Video

Handspring Fail 5 months ago

He's going to need a new spine.

Firecracker vs Fridge Play Video

Firecracker vs Fridge 5 months ago

I would say "Kids don't try this at home," but it's already too late for th...