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Cool Stunts FTW

Most internet stunt videos end in a flash o glory followed by an eternity of pain and embarrassment. Horrendous nut shots, face plants, and broken bones seem to be the inevitable end to all stunt videos. Break has found the exception to this rule. In the cool stunts FTW category. Break showcases the best possible end for risk takers around the globe. Successful back flips, trampoline tricks, and pool jumps show what dedication through pain can achieve even in everyday people. So pull yourself together, strap on a cup, and try to make your own FTW video today.

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Stunt Driving Trick Shot Play Video

Stunt Driving Trick Shot 12 months ago

Just when you thought you have seen every trick shot possible.

Clever Skate Trick Play Video

Clever Skate Trick 13 months ago

Skater changes both front wheels while riding his board.

Bridge Hanging Base Jump Play Video

Bridge Hanging Base Jump 13 months ago

This would of been so much cooler had he started screaming 'Help Me!' then ...

Skydiving Onto A Slip-N-Slide Play Video

Skydiving Onto A Slip-N-Slide 14 months ago

As if skydiving wasn't awesome enough, this guy lands and does a perfect sl...

  Russian Emergency Exit Play Video

Russian Emergency Exit 14 months ago

Looks like someone should maybe install a screen in those windows.

Extreme Hammocking Play Video

Extreme Hammocking 14 months ago

Because using a hammock like it was intended is overrated.

RC Plane Musical Nerdgasm Play Video

RC Plane Musical Nerdgasm 15 months ago

You can make it so these things don’t just fly into the ground? Amazing.

Lambo Leap Play Video

Lambo Leap 16 months ago

The entire crowd wanted this man to screw up. So did you.