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Barrel Surfing! Play Video

Barrel Surfing! 3 months ago

Who needs to surf on water when you have barrels? Wait, what?

Backflip Fail or Win? Play Video

Backflip Fail or Win? 4 months ago

Some say fail, but I'd like to see most of you try to do a backflip.

Hardcore Wheelchair Freestyle Play Video

Hardcore Wheelchair Freestyle 4 months ago

Good thing he’s in a chair, otherwise he probably would have busted his leg...

Tandem Bungee Jump Play Video

Tandem Bungee Jump 5 months ago

This brings a whole new meaning to the term "trust fall."

Gunning Down a Tree Play Video

Gunning Down a Tree 5 months ago

Shot that tree like it owed him money. What, did that tree's brother fall o...

Need a Lift? Play Video

Need a Lift? 5 months ago

We would totally try this at home.

Best Way To Drain A Pool Play Video

Best Way To Drain A Pool 7 months ago

For those kids draining the pool is probably more fun than swimming in it.