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Cool Stunts FTW

Most internet stunt videos end in a flash o glory followed by an eternity of pain and embarrassment. Horrendous nut shots, face plants, and broken bones seem to be the inevitable end to all stunt videos. Break has found the exception to this rule. In the cool stunts FTW category. Break showcases the best possible end for risk takers around the globe. Successful back flips, trampoline tricks, and pool jumps show what dedication through pain can achieve even in everyday people. So pull yourself together, strap on a cup, and try to make your own FTW video today.

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Scooter Double Backflip Play Video

Scooter Double Backflip 70 months ago

This kid fails multiple times at a double backflip on a ramp and finally af...

Break Gallery #CCXXVI View Gallery

Break Gallery #CCXXVI 70 months ago

Sometimes monkeys just like to put things their butts, but it's cute becaus...

Shopping Cart on Water Skis Play Video

Shopping Cart on Water Skis 71 months ago

Shopping cart stupidity isn't just for parking lots anymore. Did his buddie...

Ninth Hole Ninth Beer Play Video

Ninth Hole Ninth Beer 71 months ago

When your on this pace around the 4th hole the golf cart is far more entert...

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Break Gallery CCXX 71 months ago

Break Gallery #220!!! Happy Saturday to all, and to celebrate we are bringi...

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Break Gallery CCXVIII 71 months ago

Break Picture Gallery #218!!! What a grand day for a gallery, and no joke, ...

  Amazing Blob Jump Launch Play Video

Amazing Blob Jump Launch Break Classic

I dont think this little girl had any idea what she was in for with this bl...

Break Gallery CCXIII View Gallery

Break Gallery CCXIII 72 months ago

Break Gallery #213!!! Another special week in awesometown pics y'all. We go...

Dam Breaks Might As Well Surf Play Video

Dam Breaks Might As Well Surf 72 months ago

These guys could of seen the bad side of the dam breaking and flodding thei...

Sea Doo in the Jacuzzi Play Video

Sea Doo in the Jacuzzi 72 months ago

How bored do you have to be to think of putting your Sea Doo in a jacuzzi?

Huge Pool Jump Play Video

Huge Pool Jump 73 months ago

Some kid jumps from the top floor balcony into a pool that is only 3 feet d...

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Break Gallery CCVIII 73 months ago

Break Gallery #208!!! Happy Hangover Day everyone... Here's a little cure f...

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Break Gallery CCII 73 months ago

Break Gallery #202!!! Time to get the lead out peoples. Inside this gallery...

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Break Gallery CCI 74 months ago

Break Gallery #201!!! Time to get a little crazy here people with the most ...

World Record Truck Jump Play Video

World Record Truck Jump 74 months ago

This weekend the world record for jumping a truck was set in Plattsburgh, N...

Break Gallery CC View Gallery

Break Gallery CC 74 months ago

Break Gallery #200!!! We are reaching a bit of a milestone here peoples, wi...

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Break Gallery CXCIX 74 months ago

Break Gallery #199!!! Back to basics this weeks, let us know in the comment...

Coolest Slip and Slide Ever Play Video

Coolest Slip and Slide Ever 74 months ago

How do you improve a slip and slide? Well first you can make it go downhill...

Break Gallery CXCVIII View Gallery

Break Gallery CXCVIII 74 months ago

Break Gallery #198!!! The galleries just keep coming and coming. Now servin...

Big Wheel Drifting Play Video

Big Wheel Drifting 74 months ago

This little kid is gonna be a problem when he turns 16. I mean he's already...

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Break Gallery CXCV 74 months ago

Break Gallery #195!!! Saturday afternoon and the pics just keep on rolling ...