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Car Jumps Half Pipe Play Video

Car Jumps Half Pipe 102 months ago

This is an amazing video of a car jumping a large hill that looks like a ha...

Break Dancing Moron Play Video

Break Dancing Moron 102 months ago

Some moron in a fat suit attempts some break dancing in his kitchen. It doe...

Welcome Home Play Video

Welcome Home 103 months ago

This poor kid comes home from a long day at work only to have his brother n...

Internet Video 2007 Play Video

Internet Video 2007 103 months ago

These guys try and relive the top videos of 2007. They start off with a ci...

Waterslide Stunts Play Video

Waterslide Stunts 103 months ago

This looks like a lot of fun. These guys do various stunts when riding dow...

Backflip Off Chimney Play Video

Backflip Off Chimney 103 months ago

This guy does a backflip off a chimney landing perfectly in the sand below ...

Original Curb Stomper Is Back Play Video

Original Curb Stomper Is Back 103 months ago

Remember this guy? Its the original curb stomper and apparently the first ...

Painful Parkour Accident Play Video

Painful Parkour Accident 103 months ago

This is why Parkour should only be done by trained professionals, not a cou...

Worst Spiderman Ever Play Video

Worst Spiderman Ever 103 months ago

All these kids were so excited when they heard Spiderman was coming to thei...

Igniting A Christmas Tree Play Video

Igniting A Christmas Tree 103 months ago

I actually tried this 4 years ago. I figured I could save the 20 bucks the...

Swing Backflip Goes Bad Play Video

Swing Backflip Goes Bad 103 months ago

This chick jumps off a strange swinging contraption and proceeds to do some...

Street Surfing In Havana Play Video

Street Surfing In Havana 104 months ago

These kids wanted to go surfing but there were no waves. They chose the nex...

Kid Walks On Wall Play Video

Kid Walks On Wall 104 months ago

This is a pretty impressive parkour move. Some dude runs up and along a wa...

Bad Wheelie Breaks Leg Play Video

Bad Wheelie Breaks Leg 104 months ago

This guy tries to show off for his friends at work but loses control when h...

Kid Faceplants Into Wall Play Video

Kid Faceplants Into Wall 104 months ago

This kid tries to stand on one of those fitness balls but quickly loses his...

Cheerleader Gets Body Slammed Play Video

Cheerleader Gets Body Slammed 104 months ago

Some big guy picks up a cheerleader and holds her over his head but he lose...

Paper Airplane, NYC Play Video

Paper Airplane, NYC 104 months ago

This guy launches a paper airplane off the 30th floor of a building in the ...

Another Failed Backflip Play Video

Another Failed Backflip 104 months ago

This kid tries to do a backflip in his kitchen but ended up faceplanting an...

Fat Kid Breaks Chair Play Video

Fat Kid Breaks Chair 104 months ago

These guys rig a chair and trick their buddy into sitting down on it.