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Amateur Stunts

Amateur stunts seem like a great idea at the time. A group of friends eggs on a willing participant who knows not the danger of what he or she is about to attempt. Break's amateur stunt videos can take any number of turns either for the better or for the worse. One constant through all these videos is entertainment value of someone risking a lot for a little reward. For a minute of internet fame and high fives these people will risk hospital stays and surgeons blades. At the very least you can watch to see what happens.

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Rough Sledding Accident Play Video

Rough Sledding Accident 90 months ago

Man I can not think of a worse ending to a sledding accident. This dude is...

Table Jump Face Plant Play Video

Table Jump Face Plant 90 months ago

First he jumps over a folding chair and lands it easily. Next challenge, a ...

No More Nutes Play Video

No More Nutes 90 months ago

This guy needs to stick to the bunny slopes.

Amazing Backyard Bike Track Play Video

Amazing Backyard Bike Track 91 months ago

This is a first person perspective of a couple guys riding down one a very ...

Insane Lake Jump Second Angle Play Video

Insane Lake Jump Second Angle 91 months ago

About a month ago we posted a video of a kid doing an insane jump off a cli...

Wall Flip Falls Short Play Video

Wall Flip Falls Short 91 months ago

This Jackie Chan wannabe tries to run up the wall and flip over landing on ...

Rope Swing Fall In Big Bear Play Video

Rope Swing Fall In Big Bear 91 months ago

This guy is hanging from a rope swing in Big Bear when his buddy decides to...

Little Dude Big Whiplash Play Video

Little Dude Big Whiplash 91 months ago

A 130 pound guy unsuspectingly gets speared from behind by a 230 pound guy ...

Car Vs Snowman Play Video

Car Vs Snowman 91 months ago

These guys build a snowman in the middle of a road and then drive their car...

Busted Finger Big Time Play Video

Busted Finger Big Time 91 months ago

Alright, when I first saw this dude wipeout and start crying about his fing...

Bad Wipeout On Staircase Jump Play Video

Bad Wipeout On Staircase Jump 91 months ago

This dude tries to jump an entire staircase on his bike and although he cle...

Leaf Blower Spin Play Video

Leaf Blower Spin 91 months ago

Take a spinning stool, a couple beers and a leaf blower and you can create ...

Bridge Jump On Fire Play Video

Bridge Jump On Fire 91 months ago

This is not an activity I recommend, this guy gets set on fire then jumps o...

The Superman Dive Play Video

The Superman Dive 91 months ago

Watch as this guy does the superman dive onto his roommate's bed. That's go...

Bad Skateboarding Crash Play Video

Bad Skateboarding Crash 92 months ago

I know this seemed like a fool proof idea at the time but somehow holding o...

Girl Hits Face Into ATV Play Video

Girl Hits Face Into ATV 92 months ago

Two girls try a jump but overturn in mid-air causing the chick in front to ...

Kid Gets Burned By Fire Play Video

Kid Gets Burned By Fire 92 months ago

This dude is insane. I am not sure what he thought would happen by soaking...