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Amateur Stunts

Amateur stunts seem like a great idea at the time. A group of friends eggs on a willing participant who knows not the danger of what he or she is about to attempt. Break's amateur stunt videos can take any number of turns either for the better or for the worse. One constant through all these videos is entertainment value of someone risking a lot for a little reward. For a minute of internet fame and high fives these people will risk hospital stays and surgeons blades. At the very least you can watch to see what happens.

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Snowmobiler Totals Parked Car Play Video

Snowmobiler Totals Parked Car 85 months ago

A snowmobiler wipes out on a jump hitting his head on the ramp and knocking...

Student Slams Head On Desk Play Video

Student Slams Head On Desk 85 months ago

Some kid tries to jump from a desk to the top of another desk but if you wa...

Beach Boogie Faceplant Play Video

Beach Boogie Faceplant 86 months ago

For some people they are just naturally good at water sports like surfing a...

Small Hole Big Belly Play Video

Small Hole Big Belly 86 months ago

The object of this game is to jump from the edge of the pool and through th...

Kid Falls Off Rail Onto Nuts Play Video

Kid Falls Off Rail Onto Nuts 86 months ago

I am pretty sure if you ever get hit so hard in the nuts that it makes a pi...

Kid Lets Buddy Run Over His Arm Play Video

Kid Lets Buddy Run Over His Arm 86 months ago

This guy lays down on his driveway and lets his friend run over his forearm...

Kid Wipes Out On Treadmill Play Video

Kid Wipes Out On Treadmill 86 months ago

Although, this video is totally setup and the guy planned on jumping on thi...

Crazy Tubing Jump Play Video

Crazy Tubing Jump 86 months ago

When youre out on a lake and you want to do some cool stunts sometimes you ...

Dude Pegs Car With Frisbee Play Video

Dude Pegs Car With Frisbee 86 months ago

This guy tosses a frisbee out his apartment window to see how far it will g...

Break Gallery CL View Gallery

Break Gallery CL 86 months ago

Its Break Gallery #150!!! Get rezzy to rock yourself with this collection o...

Tight Rope Trampoline Flip Play Video

Tight Rope Trampoline Flip 86 months ago

This guy lands a flip on the worlds thinnest trampoline, its no wider than ...

Kid Slams Into Wall Play Video

Kid Slams Into Wall 86 months ago

This guy tells his buddy that he can do anything he wants if he puts his mi...

Paint Bucket Head Dunk Play Video

Paint Bucket Head Dunk 86 months ago

This guy is dared to dunk his head all the way into a bucket of white paint...

Big Guy Ruins Summer Play Video

Big Guy Ruins Summer 86 months ago

In one fell swoop this big guy ruins summer for everyone.

Painful Drunk Table Slam Play Video

Painful Drunk Table Slam 86 months ago

Something that seems like a great idea when youre drunk does not always tur...

Distance Not Cleared Play Video

Distance Not Cleared 86 months ago

This Swedish kid bets his friends that he can jump from one dock to the oth...

Shock Collar Test Play Video

Shock Collar Test 86 months ago

In order to get $5 back that he lost in a bet, this kid agrees to put on a ...

Semi Truck With 3 Jet Engines Play Video

Semi Truck With 3 Jet Engines 86 months ago

Somewhere between baseball and apple pie youll find the real American pasti...

Sibling Flip Nut Shot Play Video

Sibling Flip Nut Shot 86 months ago

This guy tries to flip his sister and instead gets nailed in the nuts.

Break Gallery CXLVIII View Gallery

Break Gallery CXLVIII 86 months ago

Break Gallery #148!!! What a great week in pictures it has been. We have it...

Dude Whacks Himself With Bat Play Video

Dude Whacks Himself With Bat 86 months ago

A couple guys are beating the hell out of a piano with baseball bats. The ...