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Amateur Stunts

Amateur stunts seem like a great idea at the time. A group of friends eggs on a willing participant who knows not the danger of what he or she is about to attempt. Break's amateur stunt videos can take any number of turns either for the better or for the worse. One constant through all these videos is entertainment value of someone risking a lot for a little reward. For a minute of internet fame and high fives these people will risk hospital stays and surgeons blades. At the very least you can watch to see what happens.

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Canal Surfing In Munich Play Video

Canal Surfing In Munich 10 months ago

This would probably look like a lot more fun if the water temperature wasn'...

Favorite Wins Of 2013 Play Video

Favorite Wins Of 2013 10 months ago

Check out this compilation of the best wins of 2013!

Saved By The Dreadlocks Play Video

Saved By The Dreadlocks 10 months ago

The dreadlocks likely played only a minor role in lessening the pain.

Handspring Fail Play Video

Handspring Fail 11 months ago

He's going to need a new spine.