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Kid Jumps From Streetlight Play Video

Kid Jumps From Streetlight 93 months ago

Some kid gets on top of a stop light at some big party. After about a minu...

The Amateur Streaker Play Video

The Amateur Streaker 95 months ago

Our friends over at a href="" /a were the...

Wipeout off Bridge Play Video

Wipeout off Bridge 95 months ago

Two kids try to jump off a bridge and into a river. Just as the one kid ju...

Burj Al Arab 7 View Image

Burj Al Arab 7 95 months ago be our friend already!

Burj Al Arab 5 View Image

Burj Al Arab 5 95 months ago

Every room is a suite like this.

Burj Al Arab 4 View Image

Burj Al Arab 4 95 months ago

Its the only 7 star hotel in the world.

Burj Al Arab 3 View Image

Burj Al Arab 3 95 months ago

This is a real hotel.

Burj Al Arab 2 View Image

Burj Al Arab 2 95 months ago

It's supposed to look like a sailboat.

Burj Al Arab 1 View Image

Burj Al Arab 1 95 months ago

This is a hotel in Dubai.

Paradise Found View Image

Paradise Found 95 months ago

I'm going skiing on mount funbag.

Grass Girl View Image

Grass Girl 95 months ago

All we need is some wind.

Big Dog View Image

Big Dog 95 months ago

Boring Building View Image

Boring Building 95 months ago

I didnt read one building in college.

Bus Driver Caught View Image

Bus Driver Caught 95 months ago

Ever wonder what bus drivers did between 9am and 230pm?

Drunk OWNED!!! View Image

Drunk OWNED!!! 95 months ago

Passed out drunk woke up a zebra, have fun with that!

Hot Spot View Image

Hot Spot 95 months ago

Ya just put a sign up, that'll solve everything.

Clinical Dental View Image

Clinical Dental 95 months ago

Talk about a dentist visit that's uncomfortable.

Removable Back Seat View Image

Removable Back Seat 95 months ago

Fits three extra people and it's a pull out!

Flotation Slide Misfire View Image

Flotation Slide Misfire 95 months ago

As if crashing wasnt unlucky enough what next they're out of the chicken? G...