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Epic Scooter Fail Play Video

Epic Scooter Fail 5 months ago

Even if things went smoothly, riding a scooter is still a fail.

Actual Bike Jump Fail! Play Video

Actual Bike Jump Fail! 5 months ago

No really, what did he think: he was going to fly away like the kid in E.T?

Speed Kills Your Pocketbook Play Video

Speed Kills Your Pocketbook 7 months ago

Does speed really kill? Sometimes, yes, but when the speed limits are set a...

First 1620 On Rollerblades Play Video

First 1620 On Rollerblades 7 months ago

16-year-old Wake Schepman spins fast and lands just in time to complete thi...

Skater Punched By Kid's Mom Play Video

Skater Punched By Kid's Mom 8 months ago

SInce this wasn't a skate park it's tough not to side with Mom's right hook...