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Break Gallery CXLV View Gallery

Break Gallery CXLV 104 months ago

Its Break Gallery #145!!! Another jaw dropping collection of the most bizar...

Dude Body Slammed By Tube Play Video

Dude Body Slammed By Tube 104 months ago

This video is similar to one we posted a few months back but this time the ...

Roman Candle Hits Kid In Eye Play Video

Roman Candle Hits Kid In Eye 104 months ago

A roman candle is launched at this guys friend and he turns at just the wro...

Snowmobiler Crashes Into Buddy Play Video

Snowmobiler Crashes Into Buddy 104 months ago

This guy stops his snowmobile on the other end of a jump and ends up gettin...

Pole Vaulter Misses Landing Mat Play Video

Pole Vaulter Misses Landing Mat 104 months ago

A track and field athlete attempts a new personal record in the pole vault....

Another Cool Frisbee Trick Play Video

Another Cool Frisbee Trick 104 months ago

I thought that last frisbee trick I posted was pretty impressive, but with ...

The Ultimate Parkour Play Video

The Ultimate Parkour 104 months ago

These guys mess around jumping around a stadium. Near the end one of them ...

Crazy Old Lady View Image

Crazy Old Lady 104 months ago

Some people hate having dirty windows.

Crazy Kayaker View Image

Crazy Kayaker 104 months ago

Looks like a cool sport. I probably wont be doing it anytime soon.

Worst Drunk Dunk Ever Play Video

Worst Drunk Dunk Ever 104 months ago

This guy chugs a beer, spins around to get dizzy as hell then runs up to du...

Body Armor Test Goes Wrong Play Video

Body Armor Test Goes Wrong 104 months ago

This guy puts on some government issue body armor with the idea that his fr...

First Person Car Crash Play Video

First Person Car Crash 105 months ago

This driver takes a ninety degree corner on a city street without even touc...

Grape Stomping Lady Play Video

Grape Stomping Lady 105 months ago

A reporter is at a grape stomping contest and gets what cheaters deserve. G...

Kid Jumps Ramp With Car Play Video

Kid Jumps Ramp With Car 105 months ago

This dude is lucky he slowed down just before hitting the ramp because I wo...

Skydiver Lands On Golf Cart Play Video

Skydiver Lands On Golf Cart 105 months ago

This guy jumps out of a plane and attempts to land at a golf course. He pi...

The Human Sling Shot Part 2 Play Video

The Human Sling Shot Part 2 105 months ago

The same people who made the original Human Sling Shot video which we poste...

More Mudding View Image

More Mudding 105 months ago

Now it does not look like fun.

Faceplant View Image

Faceplant 105 months ago

Perfect shot, well done cameraman

Mudding View Image

Mudding 105 months ago

Does not matter what you say, this just looks fun.

Man On Fire View Image

Man On Fire 105 months ago

Why isnt the rock on fire too

Break Gallery CXLII View Gallery

Break Gallery CXLII 105 months ago

Break Gallery #142! Buckle up everybody because we have another big ass sup...

Drunk Backflip Faceplant Play Video

Drunk Backflip Faceplant 105 months ago

I dont know what makes this guy a bigger tool, his fanny pack or the the fa...