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Para-sailing Accident Play Video

Para-sailing Accident 105 months ago

This couple is on vacation in Turks & Caicos and get pulled down too hard c...

Dock Jump Double Self Ownage Play Video

Dock Jump Double Self Ownage 105 months ago

Some guy attempts to fly clear off a dock landing in the water. It does not...

Idiot Can't Hold Beer Bong Play Video

Idiot Can't Hold Beer Bong 105 months ago

This guy attempts to bong five beers at once but the dude holding the funne...

Sunburn Slap Play Video

Sunburn Slap 105 months ago

After falling asleep outside at Myrtle Beach this guy lets his buddies slap...

Roof Jump Goes Horribly Bad Play Video

Roof Jump Goes Horribly Bad 105 months ago

This guys attempts to body slam his buddy from his roof but misses the land...

Watch Out for that Tumbler! Play Video

Watch Out for that Tumbler! 105 months ago

This gymnast/tumbler just went from the king of spring break to the awkward...

Tazer Challenge Failure Play Video

Tazer Challenge Failure 105 months ago

This guy is sure that he can walk a straight line 10 feet ahead even after ...

Chain Surfing on Street Play Video

Chain Surfing on Street 105 months ago

Chain surfing sounds like it is either going to be painful or stupid. It's ...

Big Dave's Power Slap Play Video

Big Dave's Power Slap 105 months ago

Personally, I didn't think Big Dave hit that hard but either this guys brui...

Two Guys One Rope Play Video

Two Guys One Rope 105 months ago

A couple guys tie a rope between one another and run full speed past a tree...

Biker Nails A Perfect 380 Play Video

Biker Nails A Perfect 380 105 months ago

A biker attempts a difficult 360 but actually completes the more common 380...

Exercise Ball Knockout Play Video

Exercise Ball Knockout 105 months ago

Every day somewhere in the world an exercise ball is teaching some stupid k...

Milk Crate Car Jump Play Video

Milk Crate Car Jump 105 months ago

Some genius stacks up a couple of milk crates then has his buddy drive towa...

Gymnast Misses Beam Play Video

Gymnast Misses Beam 105 months ago

Something tells me she is not going to get the gold.

Break Gallery CLXXXII View Gallery

Break Gallery CLXXXII 105 months ago

Break Gallery #182!!! You know, we know it, the best pics available on the ...

Bad Mother’s Day Gift Play Video

Bad Mother’s Day Gift 106 months ago

When it comes to mother’s day gifts, it’s not a good idea to make a homemad...

Cool Party Trick Play Video

Cool Party Trick 106 months ago

This might be old but I have never seen it before. These guys do a pretty ...