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Really Stupid Roof Jump Stunt Play Video

Really Stupid Roof Jump Stunt 105 months ago

After an 80s power hour, this guy decides it would be a great idea to jump ...

Insane Daredevil View Image

Insane Daredevil 105 months ago

I have to love the ability to do what seems totally insane.

Break Gallery CLXXIX View Gallery

Break Gallery CLXXIX 105 months ago

Break Gallery #179!!! Hitch up to your seat posts people because there is a...

Dumb Woman Vs Parking Gate Play Video

Dumb Woman Vs Parking Gate 105 months ago

Some dumb woman cant reach the ticket receiver at a parking garage so inste...

Old Furniture Ad Goes Bad Play Video

Old Furniture Ad Goes Bad 105 months ago

This one is an older video but its been getting sent around quite a bit lat...

Roof Jump Does Not Go Well Play Video

Roof Jump Does Not Go Well 105 months ago

This guy attempts to jump from a roof to what looks like the top of a shed....

Garage Door Vs Skater Play Video

Garage Door Vs Skater 105 months ago

This skater tries to catch his balance by grabbing the garage door. It does...

Treadmill Handstand Attempt Play Video

Treadmill Handstand Attempt 105 months ago

This dude attempts to do a handstand on a moving treadmill. It does not go ...

Exercise Ball Mayhem Play Video

Exercise Ball Mayhem 105 months ago

These guys grab two of those big exercise balls and crash into each other r...

Swing Set Jump Ownage Play Video

Swing Set Jump Ownage 105 months ago

Some kid attempts a backflip off a swing set and ends up completely owning ...

Old Dude Falls Off Roof Play Video

Old Dude Falls Off Roof 105 months ago

This old guy was cleaning out the gutters and when trying to get off the ro...

Drink Machine Attacks Woman Play Video

Drink Machine Attacks Woman 105 months ago

Pay attention as this woman tries to get a soda. Apparently this drink mach...

Diet Coke Rocket Boomerang Play Video

Diet Coke Rocket Boomerang 105 months ago

This dude gets taken down by a Diet Coke bottle he tosses into the middle o...

Ginger Kid Halfpipe Faceplant Play Video

Ginger Kid Halfpipe Faceplant 105 months ago

Some little ginger kid goes down the skateramp on his bike. It does not go ...

Car Jumps Half Pipe Play Video

Car Jumps Half Pipe 105 months ago

This is an amazing video of a car jumping a large hill that looks like a ha...

Break Dancing Moron Play Video

Break Dancing Moron 105 months ago

Some moron in a fat suit attempts some break dancing in his kitchen. It doe...

Welcome Home Play Video

Welcome Home 106 months ago

This poor kid comes home from a long day at work only to have his brother n...

Internet Video 2007 Play Video

Internet Video 2007 106 months ago

These guys try and relive the top videos of 2007. They start off with a ci...

Waterslide Stunts Play Video

Waterslide Stunts 106 months ago

This looks like a lot of fun. These guys do various stunts when riding dow...

Backflip Off Chimney Play Video

Backflip Off Chimney 106 months ago

This guy does a backflip off a chimney landing perfectly in the sand below ...

Original Curb Stomper Is Back Play Video

Original Curb Stomper Is Back 106 months ago

Remember this guy? Its the original curb stomper and apparently the first ...