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NFL Dildo Toss Play Video

NFL Dildo Toss 23 days ago

A dildo is thrown onto the field during a game and the referee kicks it awa...

Butt Darts! Play Video

Butt Darts! 23 days ago

A bunch of guys are drunk. They blow darts into two different butts

FedEx Plane On Fire Play Video

FedEx Plane On Fire 23 days ago

A FedEx plane is on fire while on the runway at an airport

Dubstep Kylo Ren Play Video

Dubstep Kylo Ren 20 days ago

A guy presses a plushy Kylo Ren over and over to make it sound like dubstep

Carwash Play Video

Carwash 23 days ago

A group of people drive through a car wash with no windows on there car

Shower Scare Play Video

Shower Scare 1 month ago

A guy gets ready to take a shower and gets scared by his friend behind the ...

Bathroom Scare Play Video

Bathroom Scare 1 month ago

A guy wears a clown mask and scares his friend while on the toilet

Transforming Optimus Prime Play Video

Transforming Optimus Prime 1 month ago

A little kid dressed up as Optimus Prime and can transform into truck versi...

Surfing Brown Snake Play Video

Surfing Brown Snake 1 month ago

Animal control is trying to catch a brown snake that is stuck inside an ATV...

Kitten Eating Yogurt Play Video

Kitten Eating Yogurt 1 month ago

A kitten eating yogurt from a bowl and has a messy face afterwards