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Never Forget Warmer Clothes Play Video

Never Forget Warmer Clothes 7 months ago

A girl is dying from the cold and screaming but she loves the amazing view ...

Unarmed Sheriff Play Video

Unarmed Sheriff 7 months ago

A guy goes up to a parked sheriff cruiser on the side of the road. Inside t...

Austin Hates Baths Play Video

Austin Hates Baths 7 months ago

An owner tries to push his dog to go take a bath and the dog resists the en...

Sofa Swallowing Cat! Play Video

Sofa Swallowing Cat! 7 months ago

A cat jumps into a little hole in the couch and soon disappears

Snow Kayaking Fail Play Video

Snow Kayaking Fail 7 months ago

A girl rides a kayak in snow and crashes into an object

Phoenix Hotel Fire Play Video

Phoenix Hotel Fire 7 months ago

A huge fire engulfs a hotel and slowly burning down

Making Physics Fun Play Video

Making Physics Fun 7 months ago

A guy lays on a board of nails and another board of nails is on top of him....