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Reverse Bait Car Play Video

Reverse Bait Car 22 months ago

This dude cruises at exactly the speed limit legally flashing his lights an...

Hit And Run In Front Of Cop Play Video

Hit And Run In Front Of Cop 22 months ago

Driver hits a car in front of a dozen cops and then tries to make a run.

How To Throw A Boomerang Play Video

How To Throw A Boomerang 22 months ago

This guy shows the easiest way to throw a boomerang and have it return to y...

Fun On The Farm Play Video

Fun On The Farm 22 months ago

These farmers rig the hay baler to shoot the hay up to 40 feet and land in ...

I Am Bradley Manning Play Video

I Am Bradley Manning 22 months ago

Celebrities from around the world come together to show their support for B...

Nuclear Explosion In Space Play Video

Nuclear Explosion In Space 22 months ago

Apparently, we decided that it would be fun to blow up a nuclear weapon in ...

The Neatest Pics Of 6.20.13! View Gallery

The Neatest Pics Of 6.20.13! 22 months ago

Crazy, weird, painful, hot, and more positive adjectives describe these pic...