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Puppy Vs Toilet Play Video

Puppy Vs Toilet 28 days ago

A puppy plays with the toilet water

Sleeping Squirrel Play Video

Sleeping Squirrel 28 days ago

A squirrel sleeping on its back peacefully

Winner Back Flip Fail Play Video

Winner Back Flip Fail 28 days ago

A kid does a back flip off of the 1st place stand and fails the landing

Epic Fall From Bar Play Video

Epic Fall From Bar 28 days ago

A guy tries to do a flip from the bar but fails the landing

Trick Combo Epic End Play Video

Trick Combo Epic End 28 days ago

A guy does combo tricks and hits against an umbrella at the end

Sleepy Dog Play Video

Sleepy Dog 28 days ago

A dog is sitting up and slowly falling asleep during a car ride

Contrast Play Video

Contrast 28 days ago

Two different things going on at one time. A Native American group playing ...

Car Loses A Wheel Play Video

Car Loses A Wheel 28 days ago

A car loses one wheel and the wheel slams into a truck

Cake Dropped At Party Play Video

Cake Dropped At Party 28 days ago

Two waiters drop a large cake on the ground in the middle of the party. Eve...

Acrobatic Fail Play Video

Acrobatic Fail 28 days ago

A kid does a front flip down a hill but fails the landing and rolls down to...

Skydiver Fall POV Play Video

Skydiver Fall POV 28 days ago

POV of a skydiver going down and landing in the water

Tripping Over Cola Fail Play Video

Tripping Over Cola Fail 28 days ago

A couple of students try to do the coke and mentos experiment. One kid trie...

Russian Power Play Video

Russian Power 28 days ago

A guy bites down on a table and is able to carry it

Russian Fire Master Play Video

Russian Fire Master 28 days ago

A kid blows out fire and his face catches on fire

Rope Swing Fail Play Video

Rope Swing Fail 1 month ago

A guy goes on a rope swing and slams against a tree then hits the water

Gator In Florida Yard Play Video

Gator In Florida Yard 28 days ago

An alligator walking around on the front yard of a house