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Mascot Back Handspring Fail Play Video

Mascot Back Handspring Fail 45 months ago

The worst part about this fail is he can't even take off the head to get re...

BAIT CAR: Booty Stash Play Video

BAIT CAR: Booty Stash 45 months ago

Before a suspect is taken out of the car, he quickly makes a dash for his d...

VEGAS STRIP: Drunk Canucks Play Video

VEGAS STRIP: Drunk Canucks 45 months ago

Three drunk guys on vacation from Canada act dumb on the strip and when the...

VEGAS STRIP: Dino Dad Play Video

VEGAS STRIP: Dino Dad 45 months ago

Police respond to an emergency labor call, a man claims he will be giving b...

One Good Cop Play Video

One Good Cop 45 months ago

Thought this was pretty interesting although nothing climatic happens. Jus...

Skydiver Crashes Into Trailer Play Video

Skydiver Crashes Into Trailer 45 months ago

Skydiver attempts to buzz right by his buddies on the ground as he makes hi...

High Speed Longboard Fail Play Video

High Speed Longboard Fail 45 months ago

This dude had some pretty decent speed going on his longboard but I love ho...

Psycho Paul Returns Play Video

Psycho Paul Returns 45 months ago

Imbalanced coworker Paul tries to find out why Greg has not responded to hi...

Crazy Street Fight In Vegas Play Video

Crazy Street Fight In Vegas 45 months ago

That guy was probably laying on the ground at the end and thinking 'You kno...