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Drunk College Girls at Party Play Video

Drunk College Girls at Party 77 months ago Check out our FREE sister site at http://www.M...

Dude! That was gnarly! Play Video

Dude! That was gnarly! 77 months ago

Dumb kid tries to skateboard down a pile of wood, but ends up crushing his ...

Close call Play Video

Close call 77 months ago

Man is saved by a tree when a rally car comes flipping around the corner.

Slapped a kid sleeping Play Video

Slapped a kid sleeping 77 months ago

This fat kid slaps the little white boy, and is happier then finding a clos...

bazooka alarm clock Play Video

bazooka alarm clock 77 months ago

Man awakened with a bazooka. Nearly has a heart attack.

Bad Case Directors Cut Play Video

Bad Case Directors Cut 77 months ago

This is the same instructional video with new sound to convey urgency.

4 shotguns back 2 back Play Video

4 shotguns back 2 back 77 months ago

i did 3 shotguns like an hour before and iwas like ....F**k it im doing 4

Pizza Box Prank Play Video

Pizza Box Prank 77 months ago

I'm sure their RA now regrets asking them to get rid of all the boxes.

woody View Image

woody 77 months ago


Ultimate Staring Contest! Play Video

Ultimate Staring Contest! 77 months ago

He's not that hard to beat for some people, I couldn't cuz I have sensitive...

Construction Scare Play Video

Construction Scare 77 months ago

During a building remodel the crew leader opens up a taped off area to be t...

Chair faceplant Play Video

Chair faceplant 77 months ago

Got to love the cracks in the ground

World's worst rapper Play Video

World's worst rapper 77 months ago

This rapper is certainly not the next Eminem, but it's still hillarious! ...

i have every thing funny Play Video

i have every thing funny 77 months ago this is really funny gotta see it