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The legend Play Video

The legend 17 months ago

At a red light, a man plays a sick accompaniment to rock music with a class...


SKATE FAIL 17 months ago

A teen in a razor scooter tries to get some major air at a skate park but t...

Bears! Play Video

Bears! 17 months ago

playful Russian bears on the freeway

Flying Gun Play Video

Flying Gun 17 months ago

A drone is armed with a handgun.

Jedi With a GoPro Play Video

Jedi With a GoPro 17 months ago

A jedi equips a GoPro before fighting some stormtroopers.

Drunk as f*ck Play Video

Drunk as f*ck 17 months ago

Friends try to wake their drunk friend.

10 AirBnB Fails Read Article

10 AirBnB Fails 19 months ago

You can make extra cash renting your bedroom out as a brothel!